Reanalysis of high-resolution XMM-Newton data of V2491 Cygni using models of collisionally ionized hot absorbers

Balman, Şölen
Gamsizkan, C.
Aims. We model spectral absorption features in data of the high-resolution XMM-Newton Reflection Grating Spectrometer.


X-ray variations in the inner accretion flow of dwarf novae
Balman, Şölen; Revnivtsev, M. (2012-10-01)
Aims. We study the inner disk structure of dwarf novae (DNe; i.e., nonmagnetic cataclysmic variables).
The outburst of Nova CSS 081007:030559+054715 (HV Ceti)
Beardmore, A. P.; Osborne, J. P.; Page, K. L.; Hakala, P. J.; Schwarz, G. J.; Rauch, T.; Balman, Şölen; Evans, P. A.; Goad, M. R.; Ness, J. -U.; Starrfield, S.; Wagner, R. M. (2012-09-01)
Aims. The outburst of nova CSS 081007:030559+054715 (HV Cet) was extensively followed by Swift to study the evolution of its X-ray and UV emission.
Detection of a large Be circumstellar disk during X-ray quiescence of XTE J1946+274
Arabaci, M. Ozbey; Camero-Arranz, A.; Zurita, C.; Gutierrez-Soto, J.; Nespoli, E.; Suso, J.; Kiaeerad, F.; Garcia-Rojas, J.; Kiziloglu, U. (2015-10-01)
Aims. We present a multiwavelength study of the Be/X-ray binary system XTE J1946+274 with the main goal of better characterizing its behavior during X-ray quiescence. We also aim to shed light on the possible mechanisms which trigger the X-ray activity for this source.
Recent RXTE/ASM and ROTSEIIId observations of EXO 2030+375 (V2246 Cygni)
Baykal, Altan; Kiziloglu, N.; Beklen, E.; Oezbey, M. (EDP Sciences, 2008-02-01)
Aims. Using the archival RXTE/ASM and SWIFT/BAT observations, the new orbital phases of type I outbursts of EXO 2030+375 are estimated. A possible correlation between the type II outburst and optical brightness variations is investigated.
Optical variabilities in the Be/X-ray binary system - GRO J2058+42 (CXOU J205847.5+414637)
Kiziloglu, Ue.; Kiziloglu, N.; Baykal, Altan; Yerli, Sinan Kaan; Ozbey, M. (EDP Sciences, 2007-08-01)
Aims. We present an analysis of long-term optical monitoring observations and optical spectroscopic observations of the counterpart to CXOU J205847.5+414637 (high-mass X-ray binary system). We search for variability in the light curve of Be star.
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Ş. Balman and C. Gamsizkan, “Reanalysis of high-resolution XMM-Newton data of V2491 Cygni using models of collisionally ionized hot absorbers,” ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS, pp. 0–0, 2017, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: