A Fixed Point Approach to Singular Impulsive Boundary Value Problems

Akgol, Sibel Dogru
Zafer, Ağacık
We obtain sufficient conditions for existence and uniqueness of solutions for a class of second order nonlinear singular impulsive boundary value problems with fixed moments of impulses.
International Conference on Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics (ICNAAM)


New Positive Solutions of Nonlinear Elliptic PDEs
Inc, Mustafa; Bouteraa, Noureddine; Akinlar, Mehmet Ali; Benaicha, Slimane; Chu, Yu-Ming; Weber, Gerhard-Wilhelm; Almohsen, Bandar (MDPI AG, 2020-7-15)
We are concerned with positive solutions of two types of nonlinear elliptic boundary value problems (BVPs). We present conditions for existence, uniqueness and multiple positive solutions of a first type of elliptic BVPs. For a second type of elliptic BVPs, we obtain conditions for existence and uniqueness of positive global solutions. We employ mathematical tools including strictly upper (SU) and strictly lower (SL) solutions, iterative sequence method and Amann theorem. We present our research findings in...
On periodic solutions of linear impulsive delay differential systems
Akhmet, Marat; Alzabut, J.O.; Zafer, Ağacık (2008-10-01)
A necessary and sufficient condition is established for the existence of periodic solutions of linear impulsive delay differential systems. Copyright © 2008 Watam Press.
DERELI, T; ONDER, M; TUCKER, RW (1994-03-31)
The question of the interpretation of Wheeler-DeWitt solutions in the context of cosmological models is addressed by implementing the Hamiltonian constraint as a spinor wave equation in minisuperspace. We offer a relative probability interpretation based on a non-closed vector current in this space and a prescription for a parametrisation of classical solutions in terms of classical time. Such a prescription can accommodate classically degenerate metrics describing manifolds with signature change. The relat...
A model for the computation of quantum billiards with arbitrary shapes
Erhan, Inci M.; Taşeli, Hasan (Elsevier BV, 2006-10-01)
An expansion method for the stationary Schrodinger equation of a three-dimensional quantum billiard system whose boundary is defined by an arbitrary analytic function is introduced. The method is based on a coordinate transformation and an expansion in spherical harmonics. The effectiveness is verified and confirmed by a numerical example, which is a billiard system depending on a parameter.
Manguoğlu, Murat (Society for Industrial & Applied Mathematics (SIAM), 2019-01-01)
We propose a two-level nested preconditioned iterative scheme for solving sparse linear systems of equations in which the coefficient matrix is symmetric and indefinite with a relatively small number of negative eigenvalues. The proposed scheme consists of an outer minimum residual (MINRES) iteration, preconditioned by an inner conjugate gradient (CG) iteration in which CG can be further preconditioned. The robustness of the proposed scheme is illustrated by solving indefinite linear systems that arise in t...
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S. D. Akgol and A. Zafer, “A Fixed Point Approach to Singular Impulsive Boundary Value Problems,” Rhodes, GREECE, 2016, vol. 1863, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/57510.