The position-force hybrid control of robotic manipulators

Ceyhan, V. Merih


The use of articulator motion information in automatic speech segmentation
Akdemir, Eren; Çiloğlu, Tolga (Elsevier BV, 2008-07-01)
The use of articulator motion information in automatic speech segmentation is investigated. Automatic speech segmentation is an essential task in speech processing applications like speech synthesis where accuracy and consistency of segmentation are firmly connected to the quality of synthetic speech. The motions of upper and lower lips are incorporated into a hidden Markov model based segmentation process. The MOCHA-TIMIT database, which involves simultaneous articulatograph and microphone recordings, was ...
The use of steam-CO process in linear and three dimensional unconsolidated limestone models for heavy oil recovery
Gümrah, Fevzi; Okandan, Ender; Department of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering (1988)
The use of n-polyethereal polypyrroles in preconcentration and surface enhanced raman scattering studies
Köksel, Bahar; Volkan, Mürvet; Department of Chemistry (2009)
Polypyrroles containing polyether pseudocages (PI, PII, PIII) have been synthesized via chemical oxidation of 1,5-bis(1,1-pyrrole)-3-oxabutane (MI), 1,8- bis(1,1-pyrrole)-3,6-dioxahexane (MII), and 1,11-bis(1,1-pyrrole)- 3,6,9-trioxaundecane (MIII) using anhydrous FeCl3 in CHCl3. Because as obtained polymer resins did not give any response toward any cations, they were reduced (undoped) using chemical reducing agents. Tetrabutylammonium hydroxide (TBAOH) was found to be more effective in undoping to obtain ...
The use of noise measurements in machining stability analysis
Özlü, E.; Özşahin, Orkun; Budak, E.; Özgüven, Hasan Nevzat (null; 2007-08-31)
Self-excited vibrations, namely chatter, is one of the most important problems in machining operations. Under certain conditions, the cutting system becomes unstable as a result of the dynamic interaction between the process and the structures. As a result of this dynamic interaction between the cutting tool and the work material, a high level noise is generated in addition to the very poor machined part surface quality. Chatter models used for the generation of the stability diagrams need the frequen...
The rapid visualization of resistivity inhomogeneities in high-resistivity semiconductor films
Salamov, BG; Civi, M; Altindal, S; Kasap, M; Bulur, Enver (1997-01-01)
This paper describes for the first time an application of an ionization type semiconductor photographic system using a chalcopyrite-type semiconductor (CuInSe2) copper-indium-diselenide film as a target for rapid visulization of resistivity inhomogeneities. The CuInSe2 semiconductor films with a resistivity of 10(7) Omega cm (thickness 0.25 mu m) in a planar gas discharge cell, have been studied. A measurement is realized by recording the spatial distribution of the gas discharge radiation intensity between...
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V. M. Ceyhan, “The position-force hybrid control of robotic manipulators,” Middle East Technical University, 1989.