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The rapid visualization of resistivity inhomogeneities in high-resistivity semiconductor films

Salamov, BG
Civi, M
Altindal, S
Kasap, M
Bulur, Enver
This paper describes for the first time an application of an ionization type semiconductor photographic system using a chalcopyrite-type semiconductor (CuInSe2) copper-indium-diselenide film as a target for rapid visulization of resistivity inhomogeneities. The CuInSe2 semiconductor films with a resistivity of 10(7) Omega cm (thickness 0.25 mu m) in a planar gas discharge cell, have been studied. A measurement is realized by recording the spatial distribution of the gas discharge radiation intensity between two parallel electrodes. A gas discharge gap has been formed by a dielectric separator with thicknesses ranging from 40 to 60 mu m. A discharge has been realized in air at pressures from 760-60 Torr. The assessment of the resistivity inhomogeneities is then based on an analysis of the discharge radiation, visualized by a photograph taken through the SnO2 film.