Single-pellet dynamics for the soil organic matter effect on dichloromethane sorption

Cabbar, C
Dogu, G
Doğu, Timur
McCoy, BJ


Pulse-response study for the humidity effect on sorption of ethyl bromide on clays
Yasyerli, N; Dogu, G; Doğu, Timur; McCoy, BJ (Wiley, 1999-02-01)
The effects of relative humidify on sorption and the diffusion of ethyl bromide in kaolinite and montmorillonite pellets were investigated by the one-sided single-pellet moment technique. Montmorillonite demonstrated a higher water affinity than kaolinite, causing a sharper decrease of the ethyl bromide adsorption equilibrium constant with an increase of relative humidity. For montmorillonite, most of the active sites are covered by water even at relative humidities of 8%, and adsorption of ethyl bromide on...
Washing theory for nonequilibrium stages
Tosun, I (Wiley, 1996-06-01)
A new approach for the determination of concentrations in the case of nonequilibrium washing stages is presented. Each washing stage is assumed to consist of series of mixing cells, and the conservation of solute mass is solved by Laplace transformation. The simplicity of the resulting equations makes this approach more practical than the existing one.
Effects of periodic flow fluctuations on magnetic resonance flow images
Uludağ, Yusuf; McCarthy, MJ (Wiley, 2004-08-01)
The effects of periodic velocity fluctuations on magnetic resonance flow images are investigated experimentally and theoretically. In the experiments, laminar pipe flow of water was examined. The flow was driven by a constant pressure head with a superimposed sinusoidal component with the frequency m, varied from 0 to 1 Hz, whereas in the simulations omega(z) was between 0 to 65 Hz. The velocity profiles obtained from the experimental results compare well with the theoretical calculations. Both theory and e...
Reflux-recycle-reactor for high yield and selectivity in TAME and TAEE production
Boz, N; Doğu, Timur (Wiley, 2005-02-01)
The batch reflux-recycle-reactor (RRR) proposed here was shown to give high product yields and selectivities in the production of tert-ethers. Because the vapor pressures of product ethers are lower than those of the reactants, vapor-phase reactor inlet stream is always rich in reactants in this batch RRR. A first-order reversible reaction rate model was shown to give good prediction of experimental results. The apparent activation energy of the rate constant was evaluated as 24.8 kJ mol(-1). This low value...
The effect of hydrodynamic parameters on the production of Pickering emulsions in a baffled stirred tank
Abdulrasaq, Usman K.; Ayrancı Tansık, İnci (Wiley, 2019-10-01)
Pickering emulsions are potential industrial scale alternatives to surfactant-based emulsions. The stability of Pickering emulsions depends on the physicochemical nature of the liquid-particle interface and the hydrodynamic conditions of the production process. This article investigates the effect of hydrodynamic conditions on the drop size of concentrated Pickering emulsions in baffled stirred tanks. Oil in water emulsions composed of silicon oil, water, and hydrophilic glass beads as stabilizing particles...
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C. Cabbar, G. Dogu, T. Doğu, and B. McCoy, “Single-pellet dynamics for the soil organic matter effect on dichloromethane sorption,” AICHE JOURNAL, pp. 2090–2093, 1996, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: