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Solutions of the Klein Gordon equation with generalized hyperbolic potential in D-dimensions

Okorie, Uduakobong S.
Ikot, Akpan N.
Edet, C. O.
Akpan, I. O.
Sever, Ramazan
Rampho, R.
We solve the D- dimensional Klein-Gordon equation with a newly proposed generalized hyperbolic potential model, under the condition of equal scalar and vector potentials. The relativistic bound state energy equation has been obtained via the functional analysis method. We obtained the relativistic and non-relativistic ro-vibrational energy spectra for different diatomic molecules. The numerical results for these diatomic molecules tend to portray inter-dimensional degeneracy symmetry. Variations of the energy eigenvalues obtained with the potential parameters have been demonstrated graphically. Our studies will find relevant applications in the areas of chemical physics and high-energy physics.