Acylphosphonates as donor and acceptor in organocatalytic asymmetric reactions

Demir, Ayhan Sıtkı
Reis, Ömer
Esiringu, İlker
Eymur, Serkan
Reis, Barbaros
Baris, Sehriban
Yalcinkaya, Hatice


Asymmetric synthesis of alpha-amino-alpha-arylphosphonic acids via the reduction of aroyl phosphonate O-benzyl oxime ethers
Demir, Ayhan Sıtkı (1996-08-25)
Carboligation reactions catalyzed by benzaldehyde lyase (BAL, EC covalently attached to epoxysilane modified Fe3O4@SiO2 nanoparticles
Tural, Bilsen; Turan, İlke Şimşek; Çelebi, Bülent; Yalınkılıç, İbrahim; Demir, Ayhan Gürbüz (2011-08-28)
Asymetric synthesis of 1,4-diamine based chiral ligand and organocatalyst and their applications
Ortaylı, Oytun; Tanyeli, Cihangir; Department of Chemistry (2010)
Novel 1,4-chiral diamine ligand possessing a trans-9,10-dihydro-9,10-ethanoanthracene backbone was synthesized. The synthetic plan involves first LiAlH4 reduction of the Diels-Alder adduct obtained by reaction of dimenthyl fumarate and anthracene, which is followed by reacting the corresponding alcohol and subsequent attachment of mesylate and triflate units to get good leaving groups which are available substances for introducing nitrogen units via SN2 type reactions. Consequently, by using dimesyl ester a...
Chemoenzymatic synthesis of various spiro cyclopentenone-pyran and spiro dihydropyran compounds
Ozdemirhan, Fazilet Devrim; Tanyeli, Cihangir; Guzel, Ayca (2012-08-19)
Asymmetric synthesis of chiral camphor fused pyridine type novel organocatalysts
Küçükdişli, Murat; Tanyeli, Cihangir; Department of Chemistry (2009)
Chiral pyridines as organocatalysts have been used in asymmetric organic synthesis in recent years. The asymmetric synthesis of camphor fused pyridine type novel organocatalysts were perfomed starting from cheap and easily available natural (+)-camphor. Using camphor fused pyridine skeleton, six organocatalysts 29, 32, 33, 38, 40, and 41were successfully synthesized. The first four nucleophilic and Lewis base catalysts 29, 32, and 33 are different P-oxides and P,N-dioxides which were tested in allylation of...
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