GEZGIN: A case study of a real-time image processing subsystem for micro-satellites

Ismailoglu, N
Benderli, O
Korkmaz, I
Yesil, S
Sever, Ramazan
Sunay, H
Kolcak, T
Tekmen, YC
GEZGIN is a real-time image processing subsystem, developed as an R&D payload for BILSAT-1, the first earth observing micro-satellite of Turkey. The main functionality of GEZGIN is to compress in real-time multi-spectral images coming concurrently from the 4-band multi-spectral imager on BILSAT-1, using JPEG2000 Image Compression algorithm. The mission definition of BILSAT-1 imposes a 5.5 seconds interval constraint between two consecutive multi-spectral images with 20% overlap. GEZGIN fullfills this mission requirement by exploiting the parallelism among image processing units and assigning compute intensive tasks to dedicated hardware. The architecture of GEZGIN is highly integrated and fully reconfigurable allowing for the upgrade of all processing units in orbit. Hence it maintains flexibility and robustness against failures which are crucial properties for space applications. GEZGIN is built at low cost using completely "commercial-off-the-sheff" (COTS) components and having performed well in all the flight readiness tests, has been succesfully integrated on BILSAT-1. It is currently undergoing orbital tests.


GEZGIN-2: An advanced image processing subsystem for earth-observing small satellites
Ismailoglu, N; Benderli, O; Yesil, S; Sever, Ramazan; Okcan, B; Oktem, R (2005-06-11)
GEZGIN-2 is a real-time image processing subsystem, currently being developed for RASAT, the second small satellite to be launched by TUBITAK-BILTEN, in 2007. It is an advanced version of the GEZGIN payload, implementing JPEG 2000 image compression algorithm and currently flying on the BILSAT-1 satellite. The main enhancements in GEZGIN-2 are the integration of the full processing path of JPEG 2000 algorithm in a single Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) for increased processing performance and high speed...
GEZGIN & GEZGIN-2: Adaptive real-time image processing subsystems for earth observing small satellites
Ismailoglu, N.; Benderli, O.; Yesil, S.; Sever, Ramazan; Okcan, B.; Sengul, O.; Oktem, Rusen (2006-06-18)
GEZGIN and GEZGIN-2 are real-time multispectral image processing subsystems developedfor BILSAT-1 and RASAT satellites respectively, the first two earth observing small satellites of Turkey. Main functionality of these subsystems is to compress in real-time multi-spectral images received concurrently from imagers, using JPEG2000 Image Compression algorithm. The compression features are controlled through user-supplied parameters uploaded in-orbit, so that the compression rate could be adapted to bandwidth, ...
GOLGE: A case study of a secure data communication subsystem for micro-satellites
Yesil, S; Sever, Ramazan; Okcan, B; Ismailoglu, N (2005-06-11)
This paper presents a real-time data encryption/decryption subsystem developed for a satellite, which is planned to be launched in 2007 by TUBITAK-BILTEN. The subsystem GOLGE contains two ASICs, which perform encryption/decryption using AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) and RSA (Rivest-Shamir-Adleman) algorithms and a communication interface unit. The data/command interface of the GOLGE module is implemented on a reconfigurable ASIC (FPGA), where the encryption/decryption processors have previously been de...
GPS-based real-time orbit determination of artificial satellites using kalman, particle, unscented kalman and H-infinity filters
Erdoğan, Eren; Karslıoğlu, Mahmut Onur; Department of Geodetic and Geographical Information Technologies (2011)
Nowadays, Global Positioning System (GPS) which provide global coverage, continuous tracking capability and high accuracy has been preferred as the primary tracking system for onboard real-time precision orbit determination of Low Earth Orbiters (LEO). In this work, real-time orbit determination algorithms are established on the basis of extended Kalman, unscented Kalman, regularized particle, extended Kalman particle and extended H-infinity filters. Particularly, particle filters which have not been applie...
Development of a tool for prediction of the orbital parameters of earth observation satellites
Altay, Alkan; Karsli, Gizem; Oezkan, Ahmet (2007-06-16)
Development of a tool that predicts the orbital parameters of a satellite from an initial state vector for a specified time interval is addressed. The elements used in the algorithm are presented. The prediction performance of the algorithm is demonstrated by using the two line elements of a GPS satellite and the CHAMP scientific satellite.
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