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Effects of radiation and their consequences for the performance of the forward calorimeters in the CMS experiment

Akchurin, N
Ayan, AS
Bencze, GL
Dumanoglu, I
Eskut, E
Fenyvesi, A
Ferrando, A
Gavrilov, V
Hajdu, C
Josa, MI
Kayis, A
Kolosov, V
Kuleshov, S
Kuzucu-Polatoz, A
Litvintsev, D
Lobban, O
Merlo, JP
Molnar, J
Onel, Y
Onengut, G
Osborne, D
Ozdes-Koca, N
Stolin, V
Sulak, L
Ulyanov, A
Uzunian, S
Vesztergombi, G
Wigmans, R
Winn, D
Yumashev, A
Zalan, P
Zeyrek, Mehmet Tevfik
The experiments at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) will have to deal with unprecedented radiation levels. In the large-rapidity regions, close to the beam pipe, these levels reach megagrays per year. The detectors to be installed in these regions, the HF Calorimeters, are designed to operate under these conditions, In this paper, we describe the results of studies in which a prototype calorimeter was exposed to radiation of the type and intensity expected at the LHC. These studies made it possible to estimate the effects of this radiation on the response and the resolution of the calorimeter as a function of time during LHC operation.