Sociological analysis of the attitudes toward rape in Turkish society ... and Islamic repercussions in the political context: The AK Party case

Turkman, S


University students' attitudes toward mental patients in a developing country
Eker, Deniz (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 1988-12)
A previous study showed that Turkish and American clinicians and first and fourth year Turkish psychology students were similar to each other in terms of their attitudes toward mental patients. In the present study, first year psychology, science, and medical students were compared to see whether psychology students had more favorable attitudes towards mental patients. In addition, the relationship between the medical students' degree of preference for psychiatry and their attitudes was examined. Analysis o...
Series: The research agenda for general practice/family medicine and primary health care in Europe. Part 6: Reaction on commentaries - how to continue with the Research Agenda?
Van Royen, Paul; Beyer, Martin; Chevallier, Patrick; Eilat-Tsanani, Sophia; Lionis, Christos; Peremans, Lieve; Petek, Davorina; Rurik, Imre; Soler, Jean Karl; Stoffers, Henri Ejh; Topsever, Pinar; Ungan, Mehmet; Hummers-Pradier, Eva (Informa UK Limited, 2011-03-01)
The Research Agenda should be used as a key reference point to which new research should relate its usefulness and added value. Primary care evolves towards more interdisciplinary care, and research should focus more on the core competency of person-centred team care. There is an urgent need to develop clear definitions and appropriate research instruments for this domain. It will be a particular challenge to study comprehensive approaches in primary-care patients with multi-morbidity. The Research Agenda a...
Effective Gender Equality in Research and the Academia (EGERA)
Acar, Ayşe Feride(2017-12-31)
EGERA brings together eight research and higher education institutions in seven EU member states (Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain) + Turkey, bound by a same commitment to the dual objective of achieving gender equality in research, and strengthening the gender dimension in research. Made up of five universities covering an ample array of disciplines, from social sciences to STEM, a research centre on climate change belonging to the Czech Academy of Science, ...
Analyzing the incidence and causes offield of study mismatch in Turkey: evidence from TURKSTAT labor force surveys
Ege, Ahmet Alper; Erdil, Erkan; Department of Science and Technology Policy Studies (2020)
Field of study mismatch occurs when attained field of study is different from field of study required for doing the job well. Using TURKSTAT labor force surveys, this thesis attempts to analyze incidence level and causes of field of study mismatch in Turkey. Mismatch is measured by using coding scheme. Its determinants are analyzed by estimating binary logistic regression model, with an emphasis on the effect of labor market conditions. Analysis of incidences indicates that Turkey has high incidence of mism...
Nature, severity and origins of fears among children and adolescents with respect to age, gender and socioeconomic status
Serim, Begüm; Erdur Baker, Özgür; Department of Educational Sciences (2010)
The present study aimed to investigate the fears of female and male children and adolescents between the ages of 8 and 18 from different socioeconomic levels. Additionally, the origins of children’s and adolescents’ fears were examined. To reach the aims, the study was divided into two stages. In the first stage adaptation study of Fear Survey Schedule for Children-AM (Burnham, 1995) into Turkish was conducted. Two different samples were utilized in stage one. First sample was comprised of 355 participants ...
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