Relationship of socio-economic status, accomodation type and marital status with mental health well being among Turkish migrant women in the UK

Cakir, Gulfem


Relationship between Turkish elementary science teachers occupational well being and some contextual and demographic characteristics A multivariate analysis
YERDELEN, SÜNDÜS; Sungur, Semra; KLASSEN, Robert (Turkish Education Association, 2016-01-01)
The purpose of this study was twofold: first, to determine the Turkish elementary science teachers' occupational well-being profile and second, to investigate the relation of science teachers' occupational well-being to some contextual and demographic characteristics. The contextual variables included class size, years of teaching experience and weekly course hours, while demographic characteristics included gender, graduated faculty, marital status, and having children. Moreover, occupational wellbeing was...
Relationship between familiarity, attitudes and preferences: Assisted living facilities as compared to nursing homes
İmamoğlu, Çağrı (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2006-11-01)
In this paper, the authors aim to (a) explore attitudes toward and preferences for living in the newly emerging place type of assisted living facilities in comparison to nursing homes, and (b) assess the possible impact of familiarity on those attitudes and preferences. Ninety-eight respondents (with a mean age of 62) were surveyed. Respondents were found to be more favorable toward assisted living facilities than nursing homes. A three-factor model was proposed in which attitudes mediated between familiari...
Relationship between lean manufacturing and occupational health and safety in the aerospace industry in Turkey
Karstarlı Sevim, Rana; Parlaktuna, Mahmut; Department of Occupational Health and Safety (2023-1-27)
Occupational health and safety is a concept that is very important in every industry branch around the world. The primary purpose of the occupational health and safety philosophy is to prevent possible accidents, loss of life, and property by creating a safe work environment for employees. Lean manufacturing emerged in Japan as a result of the raw material crisis after the Second World War. Still, it started to be used worldwide in a short time due to its contribution to the production processes. The main p...
Relationship among sprint performance body composition and aerobic power in collegiate people
ZİYAGİL, MEHMET AKİF; Cengiz, Asim; Aksoy, Yener (2016-01-01)
This study was aimed to investigate relationship among aerobic power, 10 meters and 100 meters sprint running speed, vertical jump and physical properties of male and female adolescents who engaged in regular physical activity. This study consisted of a total of 877 adolescents including 725 male and 142 female. A 12 minutes run for aerobic power test, vertical jump for anaerobic power, 10 meters and 100 meter sprints, body height, body weight, skinfold measurements and body mass index (BMI) assessments wer...
Relationship between pre service physics teachers FCI performance and their feedback on FCI results
Yıldırım, Ufuk; Garip, Belkıs; Demirtaş, Dilber (2015-07-10)
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