Integrated demand and procurement portfolio management with spot market volatility and option contracts

Merzifonluoglu, Yasemin
The newsvendor problem aims to optimally choose a level of order quantity to respond to a known demand distribution with the objective of maximizing expected return. In practice, the decision maker is often challenged with more complex settings involving multiple decisions and uncertainties. For instance, firms may benefit from choosing the set of customer orders to satisfy. It may also be worthwhile for many firms to select a supply portfolio instead of relying on a single procurement mode. This paper provides novel optimization models and solution techniques that can help businesses to achieve the maximum performance from a given production system by optimally selecting customer demands, procurement quantity, spot market purchase and option contract usage. We specifically focus on the special case of normally distributed random variables, and provide an exact solution method. When the primary procurement quantity is not a decision variable, the problem becomes a version of a Stochastic Knapsack Problem. For this case, we present an efficient heuristic solution algorithm based on properties of an optimal solution and empirically show that it provides high-quality solutions. We also provide a broad numerical study to examine the sensitivity of integrated procurement and demand selection strategies to key problem parameters.


Decision Making and the Price Setting Newsvendor: Experimental Evidence
KOCABIYIKOĞLU, AYŞE; GÖĞÜŞ, CELİLE ITIR; Gönül, Mustafa Sinan (Wiley, 2016-02-01)
We present an experimental study of the price-setting newsvendor problem, which extends the traditional framework by allowing the decision maker to determine both the selling price and the order quantity of a given item. We compare behavior under this model with two benchmark conditions where subjects have a single decision to make (price or quantity). We observe that subjects deviate from the theoretical benchmarks when they are tasked with a single decision. They also exhibit anchoring behavior, where the...
Optimal pricing and production decisions in utilizing reusable containers
Atamer, Busra; Bakal, İsmail Serdar; Bayındır, Zeynep Pelin (2013-06-01)
In this study, we focus on pricing and production decisions in utilizing reusable containers with stochastic customer demand. We consider a manufacturer that sells a single product to the customers in reusable containers with two supply options: (i) brand-new containers and (ii) returned containers from customers. The return quantity depends on both customer demand and the acquisition fee determined by the manufacturer. The unit cost of production using brand-new containers is different than the unit cost o...
Interactive approaches for biobjective problems with progressively changing solution sets
Karakaya, Gülşah (Wiley, 2021-01-01)
In this study, we develop interactive approaches to find a satisfactory alternative of a decision maker (DM) having a quasiconvex preference function where the alternative set changes progressively. In this environment, we keep searching the available set of alternatives and estimating the preference function of the DM. As new alternatives emerge, we make better use of the available preference information and eventually converge to a preferred alternative of the DM. We test our approaches on biobjective, mu...
Reassessing tradeoffs inherent to simultaneous maintenance and production planning
Batun, Sakine (Wiley, 2012-03-01)
Previous work has considered the simultaneous (as opposed to sequential) optimization of a maintenance policy and a production policy in a multi-product setting with random yield and product mix constraints. One of the sequential approaches to which the simultaneous approach is compared is a so-called first-come-first-served (FCFS) approach, i.e., an approach that generates randomized production policies that do not depend on the deterioration state of the machine. However, the model formulation for this ap...
Optimal Limit Order Book Trading Strategies with Stochastic Volatility in the Underlying Asset
Aydoğan, Burcu; Uğur, Ömür; Aksoy, Ümit (2022-1-01)
In quantitative finance, there have been numerous new aspects and developments related with the stochastic control and optimization problems which handle the controlled variables of performing the behavior of a dynamical system to achieve certain objectives. In this paper, we address the optimal trading strategies via price impact models using Heston stochastic volatility framework including jump processes either in price or in volatility of the price dynamics with the aim of maximizing expected return of t...
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