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B-s ->gamma gamma decay in two and three Higgs doublet models with CP violating effects

Boz, M
Iltan, EO
We analyze the CP asymmetry for B-s-->gamma gamma in the two Higgs doublet model with tree level flavor changing currents (model III) and the three Higgs doublet model with O-2 symmetry in the Higgs sector, including O-7 type long distance effects. Further, we study the dependencies of the branching ratio Br (B-s-->gamma gamma) and the ratio of CP-even and CP-odd amplitude squares, R = \A(+)\(2)/\A(-)\(2), on the CP parameter sin theta. We find that there is a weak CP asymmetry at the order of 10(-4). In addition, the branching ratio Br (B-s-->gamma gamma), and also R ratio, is not sensitive to the CP parameter for \(U)(N,tt)/(D)(N,bb)\<1.