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Titanium coverage on a single-wall carbon nanotube: molecular dynamics simulations

Oymak, H
Erkoc, F
The minimum energy structures of Ti covered (8,0) single-wall carbon nanotube (SWNT) have been investigated theoretically. Using available experimental data and the results of density functional theory calculations, we first parametrized a reliable empirical many-body potential energy function (PEF) for the CTi binary system. The PEF used in the calculations includes two- and three-body atomic interactions. Then performing molecular dynamics simulations at 1 and 300 K, we obtained the minimum-energy configurations for Ti covered (8,0)-SWNT. The configurations reported here include low and high coverage of Ti on nanotubes. We have found that one layer of Ti did not distort the nanotube significantly, whereas two-layer coverage showed an interesting feature: the second layer of Ti pushed the first layer inside the wall of nanotube, but the general shape of the nanotube was not affected so much.