Idustrialized building systems.

Senol, Osman Tavuz


Idiosyncratic narratives : mudéjar architecture and its historiography in Spain
Özkan Altınöz, Meltem; Peker, Ali Uzay; Department of History of Architecture (2013)
The Iberian Peninsula has witnessed the emergence of an architectural style called Mudéjar, whose origin and practice is still subject to discussion. It appeared in the 11th century after the Christian Reconquista - reconquest (conquest over Muslims) in the Iberian Peninsula by the Catholic Kingdoms. Yet, as far back as the 8th century Islamic, Christian and Jewish tastes intermingled in the same location to influence what was to become known as the Mudéjar artistic style. The studies that define Mudéjar or...
Discursive and Spatial Anatomy Of Alternative Living Models: Architectural Utopias Within Housing Discourse
Dülgeroğlu, Özüm; Basa, İnci; Department of Architecture (2022-2-3)
The concept of housing, as more than just being a shelter, means a lot about lifestyle understanding of individuals and it is generally shaped through the social structure of society. However, social structure of the community continues to change in time, and therefore alternative living models come into existence. Architectural expressions and spatial demands of these new emerging socio cultural generations are also different, and conventional dwelling types cannot fulfill all habitants’ expectations. Thus...
Appropriation of the gigantic : on the relationship between architecture and modern technology
Kendir, Elif; Aközer, Emel; Department of Architecture (2001)
Anticipatory Storytelling in Design
Özgen Koçyıldırım, Dalsu (2017-11-10)
Urban complexity and connectivity : emergence of generative models in urban design
Ayaroğlu, Mert; Mennan, Zeynep; Department of Architecture (2007)
This thesis analyzes the changing design and planning strategies in the contemporary urban design area. The rapid improvements during the 20th century in complexity sciences and computer technologies have directly affected all the branches of design. In architecture, as in urban design, generative models, evolutionary design attitudes and computer based simulation tools have taken a significant role during the last few decades. In urban design, emerged in a period starting form the second half of the centur...
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O. T. Senol, “Idustrialized building systems.,” Middle East Technical University, 1987.