Discursive and Spatial Anatomy Of Alternative Living Models: Architectural Utopias Within Housing Discourse

Dülgeroğlu, Özüm
The concept of housing, as more than just being a shelter, means a lot about lifestyle understanding of individuals and it is generally shaped through the social structure of society. However, social structure of the community continues to change in time, and therefore alternative living models come into existence. Architectural expressions and spatial demands of these new emerging socio cultural generations are also different, and conventional dwelling types cannot fulfill all habitants’ expectations. Thus, it is generally required to reconsider the production of housing and sometimes design it in an unconventional way. At this juncture, utopias have an inspirational role since they contain both untypical living forms through their ideal-perfect worlds, and offer architectural solutions to build their ideas, which are based on the demand of alternative social-structure forms. Thereby, utopias are to be thought like a laboratory for fictionalizing alternative housing designs through their spatial living model depictions. In the light of these conceptions, this thesis aims to analyze the housing discourse whose object is alternative housing design and utopia, and explore theoretical and spatial solutions to contribute to current discussions. Therefore, it generates a discussion map through the 19th century, 20th century and 21th century utopias in order to scrutinize the theoretical superimpositions between housing and utopias.


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Ö. Dülgeroğlu, “Discursive and Spatial Anatomy Of Alternative Living Models: Architectural Utopias Within Housing Discourse,” M.Arch. - Master of Architecture, Middle East Technical University, 2022.