A new multimodal and asymmetric bivariate circular distribution

Hassanzadeh, Fatemeh
Kalaylioglu, Zeynep
Multimodal and asymmetric bivariate circular data arise in several different disciplines and fitting appropriate distribution plays an important role in the analysis of such data. In this paper, we propose a new bivariate circular distribution which can be used to model both asymmetric and multimodal bivariate circular data simultaneously. In fact the proposed density covers unimodality as well as multimodality, symmetry as well as asymmetry of circular bivariate data. A number of properties of the proposed density are presented. A Bayesian approach with MCMC scheme is employed for statistical inference. Three real datasets and a simulation study are provided to illustrate the performance of the proposed model in comparison with alternative models such as finite mixture Cosine model.


Estimation methods for the three-parameter gamma distribution
İçli, Tülay; Yıldırım, Fetih; Department of Statistics (1991)
As a positively skewed distribution, gamma distribution plays an important role in the analysis of sample data originating from life-span, reaction time, reliability, | survival and related studies. Therefore, it is worth-while to deal with the estimation of its parameters. Since gamma distribution does not satisfy some of the regularity conditions, it is a member of non-regular distributions. Inclusion of the threshold parameter creates complications. This parameter can be estimated by the first order stat...
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Robust estimation in multivariate heteroscedastic regression models with autoregressive covariance structures using EM algorithm
GÜNEY, YEŞİM; ARSLAN, OLÇAY; Gökalp Yavuz, Fulya (2022-09-01)
© 2022 Elsevier Inc.In the analysis of repeated or clustered measurements, it is crucial to determine the dynamics that affect the mean, variance, and correlations of the data, which will be possible using appropriate models. One of these models is the joint mean–covariance model, which is a multivariate heteroscedastic regression model with autoregressive covariance structures. In these models, parameter estimation is usually carried on under normality assumption, but the resulting estimators will be very ...
A Methodology to Implement Box-Cox Transformation When No Covariate is Available
Dag, Osman; Asar, Ozgur; İlk Dağ, Özlem (2014-01-01)
Box-Cox transformation is one of the most commonly used methodologies when data do not follow normal distribution. However, its use is restricted since it usually requires the availability of covariates. In this article, the use of a non-informative auxiliary variable is proposed for the implementation of Box-Cox transformation. Simulation studies are conducted to illustrate that the proposed approach is successful in attaining normality under different sample sizes and most of the distributions and in esti...
A survey on persistence landscape theory
Gürses, Selçuk; Pamuk, Semra; Department of Mathematics (2022-7)
Topological data analysis (TDA) consists of a growing collection of techniques that reveal the shape of data. These techniques may be especially useful for comprehend ing global features of high-dimensional data that are inaccessible via other methods. The usage of TDA has been constrained by the difficulties of merging the subject’s primary tool, the barcode or persistence diagram, with statistics and machine learning. The persistence landscape is a stable topological summary that is easily combinable with...
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F. Hassanzadeh and Z. Kalaylioglu, “A new multimodal and asymmetric bivariate circular distribution,” ENVIRONMENTAL AND ECOLOGICAL STATISTICS, pp. 363–385, 2018, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/65585.