A mathematical characterization and analysis of a feedforward circuit for CDMA applications

Coskun, AH
Demir, S
Feedforward is known to be one of the best,methods for power amplifier linearization due to its superior linearization performance albeit with relatively poor power efficiency. Here we present the derived closed-form expressions, which relate the main channel power and distortion products at the output of a simple feedforward circuitry to the circuit parameters. Consequently, a mathematical handy tool is achieved toward specifying the circuit parameters rapidly for optimum linearity performance and efficiency. The main and error amplifiers used in the feedforward are assumed to have a third-order AM/AM nonlinearity. The derived expressions are verified by simulation. The conditions for the validity of the model choice are highlighted. For the matched and lossless case, a compact relationship is obtained, which clearly demonstrates the tradeoff between nonlinearities of main and error amplifier for a given system linearity and output power. Delay mismatch is also included in the analysis.


Investigation of multilevel inverters for d-statcom applications
Deniz, Mustafa; Ermiş, Muammer; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2009)
The most important advantages of Multilevel Inverters are the absence of a coupling transformer for medium voltage applications and low harmonic current content. In this way, relocatable and economical STATCOM systems can be realized. Complex control algorithms and the isolation problems of measurement devices and power supplies are the main challenging parts of this type of application. In this study, the design, realization, and the performance of a Voltage Source Type Cascaded Multilevel Converter Based ...
Mutual coupling of printed elements on a cylindrically layered structure using closed-form Green's functions
Acar, R. C.; Dural, G. (EMW Publishing, 2008-01-01)
A hybrid method to calculate mutual coupling of electric or magnetic current elements on a cylindrically layered structure using closed-form Green's functions is presented. When rho = rho' and phi is not very close to phi', closed-form Green's functions are employed in the calculation of MoM matrix entries. When both rho = rho' and phi = phi', series representation of the spectral domain Green's functions do not converge, therefore closed-form Green's functions can not be employed. In that case MoM matrix e...
A multitone model of complex enveloped signals and its application in feedforward circuit analysis
Coskun, AH; Mutlu, Ayşe Ceyda; Demir, S (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2005-06-01)
Analytical tools that characterize nonlinear systems are essential and need to be developed for initial rapid optimizations and understanding of the system performance. Modeling of the input signal is a crucial part of this task. In this paper, a multitone representation for an arbitrary double-side banded (symmetric spectrum around carrier frequency) stochastically not well-defined signal and its application to a feedforward circuit, which involve two nonlinear amplifiers, couplers, phase, and delay units ...
A new wireless asynchronous data communications module for industrial applications
EGE, Yavuz; Sensoy, Mehmet Gokhan; Kalender, Osman; Nazlibilek, Sedat; Citak, Hakan (Elsevier BV, 2013-10-01)
All the sensors such as temperature, humidity, and pressure used in industry provide analog outputs as inputs for their control units. Wireless transmission of the data has advantages on wired transmission such as USB port, parallel port and serial port and therefore has great importance for industrial applications. In this work, a new wireless asynchronous data communications module has been developed to send the earth magnetic field data around a ferromagnetic material detected by a KMZ51 AMR sensor. The ...
Adaptive controller based on grid impedance estimation for stable operation of grid-connected inverters under weak grid conditions
Temiz, Hakan; Keysan, Ozan; Demirok, Erhan (Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), 2020-10-01)
An electric grid having high impedance seen from the connection point is considered as a weak grid and it adversely affects the system stability of grid-tied voltage source inverters in renewable power devices. In this study, an adaptive controller is proposed by configuring the settling time of the phase-locked loop based on the estimated grid impedance. Pseudorandom binary sequence injection and Fourier techniques are carried out for grid impedance estimation. Impedance-based stability analysis is perform...
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