Computerized economic optimization of refrigeration system design

Usta, N
Ileri, A
The purpose of this paper is to show the importance of economic optimization of large capacity or industrial refrigeration systems and to present the results and conclusions obtained by a computer software which was developed specifically to determine the economic optimum values of the design parameters of refrigeration systems. Both liquid chillers and groups of cold storage rooms operating at various levels of low temperatures are covered. Various case studies and sensitivity analyses have been performed to provide specific numerical examples and to determine the effects of certain parameters. It was found that condenser type, ambient temperature, yearly operating hours, electricity price, real interest rate and refrigerant are the most important parameters in the economic optimum design of refrigeration systems.


Data driven landslide hazard assessment using geographical information systems and remote sensing
Süzen, Mehmet Lütfi; Doyuran, Vedat; Department of Geological Engineering (2002)
The purpose of this thesis is to generate and evaluate a concise system of data driven landslide hazard assessment procedure. The Asarsuyu catchment area and Bolu Mountain highway pass are selected for this purpose In this study, three data domains, which are remote sensing products, geological maps and topographical maps are used. The landslides of four different historical periods are interpreted using aerial photographs. Land cover is extracted from satellite images. Thirteen sets of parameter maps are p...
Numerical investigation of protection measures against water hammer in the yesilvadi hydropower plant
Dursun, Samet; Bozkuş, Zafer; Department of Civil Engineering (2013)
The purpose of this thesis is to analyze protection measures against water hammer numerically and compare the results with measured field data of Yesilvadi HEPP project. Pressure relief valves are used as protective measure against water hammer in Yesilvadi HEPP project formulation. The hydropower system is investigated numerically with software, Bentley HAMMER, which uses method of characteristics for solving nonlinear equations of transient flow. Yesilvadi HEPP project is analyzed for load rejection, inst...
Assessment of the trophic status of the Mersin bay waters, Northeastern Mediterranean
Kaptan, Mehmet Salih; Tuğrul, Süleyman; Department of Chemical Oceanography (2013)
Identifying the spatial and temporal variability of eutrophication related indicators such as Chlorophyll-a (Chl-a), oxygen saturation (DO%), dissolved inorganic nitrogen (DIN) and total phosphorus (TP), as a measure of the potential pressures and productivity, were measured within the Mersin Bay, a wide shelf region of the Cilician Basin located in the Northeastern Mediterranean Sea. This study aims to characterize the trophic status of the water masses in the eastern shelf waters of the bay fed by river d...
Automated calibration of water distribution networks
Apaydın, Öncü; Merzi, Nuri; Department of Civil Engineering (2013)
Water distribution network models are widely used for various purposes such as long-range planning, design, operation and water quality management. Before these models are used for a specific study, they should be calibrated by adjusting model parameters such as pipe roughness values and nodal demands so that models can yield compatible results with site observations (basically, pressure readings). Many methods have been developed to calibrate water distribution networks. In this study, Darwin Calibrator, a...
Comparison of methods for robust parameter design of products and processes with an ordered categorical response
Bacanlı Karabulut, Gonca; Köksal, Gülser; Department of Industrial Engineering (2013)
Robust design of products or processes with categorical response has more momentous role in industrial experiments for quality improvements, because ordinal categorical quality characteristics are encountered more frequent than continuous ones in industry. In this study, five optimization methods for an ordered categorical response are compared with each other: Logistic Regression Model Optimization (LRMO), Accumulation Analysis (AA), Weighted Signal-to-noise Ratio (WSNR), Scoring Scheme (SS), and Weighted ...
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