Knowledge discovery for the treatment of bacteria affecting the liver

Yildirim, Pinar
Saka, Osman
Aim: Biomedical information is buried in millions of published articles, and so it is necessary to use text mining techniques to skim published articles for relevant information. In this study, we used biomedical text mining techniques to introduce a liver bacterial infection knowledge-acquisition information system.


Mineral mapping in Oymaağaç (Beypazarı)-Ankara) Granitoid by remote sensing techniques
Pekesin, Burcu Fatma; Toprak, Vedat; Department of Geological Engineering (2005)
The aim of this study is to extract information about mineral distribution and percentages of Oymaagaç granitoid (Beypazari-Ankara) by using remote sensing techniques. Two methods are applied during the studies which are spectral analysis and Crosta techniques. Spectral measurements are done for fresh and weathered samples collected at 32 locations. Mineral percentages are calculated using spectral mixture analysis for each sample by considering main, accessory and secondary mineral content of granodiorite....
Data Mining in Deductive Databases Using Query Flocks: Extended Abstract
Toroslu, İsmail Hakkı (2002-12-01)
An important technique for extracting useful information, such as regularities, from usually historical data, is called as association rule mining. The query flocks technique, which extends the concept of association rule mining with a "generate-and-test" model for different kind of patterns, can also be applied to deductive databases. In this paper, query flocks technique is extended further, with view definitions including recursive views. We have designed architecture to compile query flocks from datalog...
An Effective approach for comparison of association rule mining algorithms based on controlled data, statistical inference and multiple criteria
Azadiamin, Sanam; Köksal, Gülser; Department of Industrial Engineering (2016)
Association rules are an important set of data mining results, which are helpful in handling large amount of data and extracting useful association information from them. There are many algorithms developed for finding interesting association rules and also some other algorithms for rule reduction purposes. All of the proposed methods have some strong and weak points, which can be useful according to their application areas. In the literature, there exist several comparison studies trying to find the best a...
Prediction of Protein-Protein Interaction Relevance of Articles Using References
Calli, Cagatay (2009-09-16)
Classifying documents as protein-protein interaction (PPI) relevant or not is the first step towards extracting meaningful PPI data from article content. Currently, this classification step is handled manually by expert curators. A number of text-mining methods have been proposed to tackle this problem, using abstracts without references. We propose that article references contain important information that can be used to enhance these previous techniques. We trained an SVM classifier solely based on refere...
Optimization of an online course with web usage mining
Akman, LE; Akkan, B; Baykal, Nazife (2004-02-18)
The huge amount of information existing in the World Wide Web constitutes an ideal environment to implement data mining techniques. Web mining is the mining of web data. There are different applications of web mining: web content mining, web structure mining and web usage mining. In our study we analyzed an online course by web usage mining techniques in order to optimize the navigation paths, the duration of the time spend on each page and the number of visits throughout the semester of the course. Moreove...
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