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Design, synthesis, molecular docking studies and biological evaluation of thiazole carboxamide derivatives as COX inhibitors
Hawash, Mohammed; Jaradat, Nidal; Abualhasan, Murad; ŞÜKÜROĞLU, MURAT KADİR; Qaoud, Mohammed T.; Kahraman, Deniz Cansen; Daraghmeh, Heba; Maslamani, Leen; Sawafta, Mais; Ratrout, Ala; Issa, Linda (2023-12-01)
Background: Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) have been the most commonly used class of medications worldwide for the last three decades. Objectives: This study aimed to design and synthesize a novel series of ...
Pan-cancer clinical impact of latent drivers from double mutations
Yavuz, Bengi Ruken; Tsai, Chung-Jung; Nussinov, Ruth; Tuncbag, Nurcan (2023-12-01)
Here, we discover potential ‘latent driver’ mutations in cancer genomes. Latent drivers have low frequencies and minor observable translational potential. As such, to date they have escaped identification. Their discovery ...
Novel indole-pyrazole hybrids as potential tubulin-targeting agents; Synthesis, antiproliferative evaluation, and molecular modeling studies
Hawash, Mohammed; Ergun, Sezen Guntekin; Kahraman, Deniz Cansen; OLĞAÇ, ABDURRAHMAN; Hamel, Ernest; Cetin-Atalay, Rengul; BAYTAŞ, SULTAN (2023-08-05)
Structurally diverse indole-3-pyrazole-5-carboxamide analogues (10-29) were designed, synthesized, and evaluated for their antiproliferative activity against three cancer cell lines (Huh7, MCF-7, and HCT116) using the sulf...
An embodied and cognitive model of figther pilot high level air-to-air engagement decision
Kaygusuz, Yasin; Çakır, Murat Perit (2023-08-01)
The development of pilot models has been a long-standing interest in cognitive modeling and AI due to the potential gains they offer in aerial robotics. In this study, a cognitive and embodied fighter pilot model is develo...
A systematic literature review on lake water level prediction models
Özdemir, Serkan; Yaqub, Muhammad; Özkan Yıldırım, Sevgi (2023-05-01)
ARFED: Attack-Resistant Federated averaging based on outlier elimination
Işık Polat, Ece; Polat, Gorkem; Koçyiğit, Altan (2023-04-01)
In federated learning, each participant trains its local model with its own data and a global model is formed at a trusted server by aggregating model updates coming from these participants. Since the server has no effect ...
Explicitness and implicitness of discourse relations in a multilingual discourse bank
Mendes, Amalia; Zeyrek Bozşahin, Deniz; Oleskeviciene, Giedre (2023-03-01)
Proposals such as continuity and causality-by-default relate the level of expectedness of a relation to its linguistic marking as an explicit or implicit relation. We investigate these two proposals with regard to the Engl...
Human Hepatocellular Carcinoma Classification from H&E Stained Histopathology Images with 3D Convolutional Neural Networks and Focal Loss Function
Çinar, Umut; Cetin Atalay, Rengul; Çetin, Yasemin (2023-02-01)
This paper proposes a new Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC) classification method utilizing a hyperspectral imaging system (HSI) integrated with a light microscope. Using our custom imaging system, we have captured 270 bands ...
Celecoxib Nanoformulations with Enhanced Solubility, Dissolution Rate, and Oral Bioavailability: Experimental Approaches over In Vitro/In Vivo Evaluation
Arslan, Aslıhan; Yet, Barbaros; NEMUTLU, EMİRHAN; AKDAĞ ÇAYLI, YAĞMUR; EROĞLU, HAKAN; ÖNER, LEVENT (2023-02-01)
Celecoxib (CXB) is a Biopharmaceutical Classification System (BCS) Class II molecule with high permeability that is practically insoluble in water. Because of the poor water solubility, there is a wide range of absorption ...
An Explainable Machine Learning Approach to Predicting and Understanding Dropouts in MOOCs
Er, Erkan (2023-01-01)
3D Perceptual Soundfield Reconstruction via Virtual Microphone Synthesis
Erdem, Ege; Cvetkovic, Zoran; Hacıhabiboğlu, Hüseyin (2023-01-01)
Perceptual soundfield reconstruction (PSR) is a multichannel audio recording and reproduction framework based on time-intensity panning in the horizontal plane. A practical limitation of PSR is that the optimal directivity...
Neurodevelopmental disorders, like cancer, are connected to impaired chromatin remodelers, PI3K/mTOR, and PAK1-regulated MAPK
Nussinov, Ruth; Yavuz, Bengi Ruken; Arici, M Kaan; Demirel, Habibe Cansu; Zhang, Mingzhen; Liu, Yonglan; Tsai, Chung-Jung; Jang, Hyunbum; Tunçbağ, Nurcan (2023-01-01)
Neurodevelopmental disorders (NDDs) and cancer share proteins, pathways, and mutations. Their clinical symptoms are different. However, individuals with NDDs have higher probabilities of eventually developing cancer. Here,...
Cybersecurity and Country of Origin: Towards a New Framework for Assessing Digital Product Domesticity
Özdemir, Serkan; Wynn, Martin; Metin, Bilgin (2023-01-01)
Recent events concerning the Kaspersky anti-virus software in the UK and the Android operating system in the US have highlighted the significance of the domesticity of digital products for national cybersecurity, and the i...
A reference model for software product line capability assessment
GÖKALP AYDIN, EBRU; Çalişkanbaş, Bora; Koçyiğit, Altan (2023-01-01)
The Software Product Line (SPL) approach receives more attention due to the observed benefits, such as cost reduction, quality improvements, and reduced delivery time. Although organizations are aware of its potential bene...
Developing a Framework for Heterotopias as Discursive Playgrounds: A Comparative Analysis of Non-Immersive and Immersive Technologies
Korkut, Elif Hilal; Sürer, Elif (2023-1-01)
The discursive space represents the reordering of knowledge gained through accumulation. In the digital age, multimedia has become the language of information, and the space for archival practices is provided by non-immers...
An exploratory case study using events as a software size measure
Hacaloglu, Tuna; Demirörs, Onur (2023-01-01)
Software Size Measurement is a critical task in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). It is the primary input for effort estimation models and an important measure for project control and process improvement. There exist...
PToPI: A Comprehensive Review, Analysis, and Knowledge Representation of Binary Classification Performance Measures/Metrics
Canbek, Gürol; Taşkaya Temizel, Tuğba; SAĞIROĞLU, ŞEREF (2023-1-01)
Although few performance evaluation instruments have been used conventionally in different machine learning-based classification problem domains, there are numerous ones defined in the literature. This study reviews and de...
Visualization in virtual reality: a systematic review
Korkut, Elif Hilal; Sürer, Elif (2023-01-01)
Rapidly growing virtual reality (VR) technologies and techniques have gained importance over the past few years, and academics and practitioners have been searching for efficient visualizations in VR. To date, the emphasis...
Usage disambiguation of Turkish discourse connectives
Başıbüyük, Kezban; Zeyrek Bozşahin, Deniz (2023-01-01)
This paper describes a rule-based approach and a machine learning approach to disambiguate the discourse usage of Turkish connectives, which not only has single and phrasal connectives as most languages do, but also suffix...
Listening to Students’ Voices: Learning Programming in the Covid-19 Pandemic
Er, Erkan; SÖKÜCÜ, FATMA GAMZE (2022-12-01)
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