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Dual Killing-Yano symmetry and multipole moments in electromagnetism and mechanics of continua

Baleanu, D
Dubovik, VM
Misicu, S
In this work we introduce the Killing-Yano symmetry on the phase space and we investigate the symplectic structure on the space of Killing-Yano tensors. We perform the detailed analyze of the n-dimensional flat space and the Riemaniann manifolds with constant scalar curvature. We investigate the form of some multipole tensors, which. arise in the expansion of a system of charges and currents, in terms of second-order Killing-Yano tensors in the phase space of classical mechanics. We find some relations between these tensors and the generators of dynamical symmetries like the angular momentum, the mass-inertia tensor, the conformal operator and the momentum conjugate Runge-Lenz vector.