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BabelCrypt: The Universal Encryption Layer for Mobile Messaging Applications
Ozcan, Ahmet Talha; Gemicioglu, Can; Onarlioglu, Kaan; Weissbacher, Michael; Mulliner, Collin; Robertson, William; Kirda, Engin (2015-01-30)
Internet-based mobile messaging applications have become a ubiquitous means of communication, and have quickly gained popularity over cellular short messages (SMS). Unfortunately, from a security point of view, free messag...
Matching words and pictures
Barnard, K; Duygulu, P; Forsyth, D; de Freitas, N; Blei, DM; Jordan, MI (Test accounts, 2003-08-15)
We present a new approach for modeling multi-modal data sets, focusing on the specific case of segmented images with associated text. Learning the joint distribution of image regions and words has many applications. We con...
On integrating a language model into neural machine translation
Gulcehre, Caglar; Firat, Orhan; Xu, Kelvin; Cho, Kyunghyun; Bengio, Yoshua (Elsevier BV, 2017-09-01)
Recent advances in end-to-end neural machine translation models have achieved promising results on high-resource language pairs such as En -> Fr and En -> De. One of the major factor behind these successes is the availabil...
Investigating the Performance of Generative Adversarial Networks for Prostate Tissue Detection and Segmentation
Birbiri, Ufuk Cem; Hamidinekoo, Azam; Grall, Amelie; Malcolm, Paul; Zwiggelaar, Reyer (2020-09-01)
The manual delineation of region of interest (RoI) in 3D magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the prostate is time-consuming and subjective. Correct identification of prostate tissue is helpful to define a precise RoI to be...
Data Mining Framework for Power Quality Event Characterization of Iron and Steel Plants
Guder, Mennan; Salor, Ozgul; ÇADIRCI, IŞIK; Ozkan, Baris; Altintas, Erinc (2015-07-01)
In this paper, a power quality (PQ) knowledge discovery and modeling framework has been developed for both temporal and spatial PQ event data collected from transformer substations supplying iron and steel (I&S) plants. PQ...
Wavelet-based multiple description coding of 3-D geometry
Norkin, Andrey; Bici, M. Oguz; Akar, Cozde Bozdagi; Gotchev, Atanas; Astola, Jaakko (2007-02-01)
In this work, we present a multiple description coding (MDC) scheme for reliable transmission of compressed three dimensional (3-D) meshes. It trades off reconstruction quality for error resilience to provide the best expe...
Optimal data compression for lifetime maximization in wireless sensor networks operating in stealth mode
Incebacak, Davut; Zilan, Ruken; TAVLI, BÜLENT; Barcelo-Ordinas, Jose M.; Garcia-Vidal, Jorge (2015-01-01)
Contextual privacy in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) is concerned with protecting contextual information such as whether, when, and where the data is collected. In this context, hiding the existence of a WSN from adversar...
LFM-Pro: a tool for detecting significant local structural sites in proteins
Sacan, Ahmet; Ozturk, Ozgur; Ferhatosmanoglu, Hakan; Wang, Yusu (Oxford University Press (OUP), 2007-03-15)
Motivation: The rapidly growing protein structure repositories have opened up new opportunities for discovery and analysis of functional and evolutionary relationships among proteins. Detecting conserved structural sites t...
Performing and analyzing non-formal inspections of entity relationship diagram (ERD)
ÇAĞILTAY, NERGİZ; TOKDEMİR, GÜL; Kilic, Ozkan; Topalli, Damla (Elsevier BV, 2013-08-01)
Designing and understanding of diagrammatic representations is a critical issue for the success of software projects because diagrams in this field provide a collection of related information with various perceptual signs ...
Self-deployment of mobile underwater acoustic sensor networks for maximized coverage and guaranteed connectivity
ŞENEL, FATİH; Akkaya, Kemal; Erol-Kantarci, Melike; Yilmaz, Turgay (2015-11-01)
Self-deployment of sensors with maximized coverage in Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks (UWASNs) is challenging due to difficulty of access to 3-D underwater environments. The problem is further compounded if the connect...