Novel electrolytes for solid oxide fuel cells with improved mechanical properties

Celik, Selahattin
Timurkutluk, Cigdem
Mat, Mahmut D.
Kaplan, Yuksel
The improvement of the mechanical properties of novel structured electrolytes with triangular cut off geometry in the active region is presented by filleting the tips of triangles. The effect of fillet radius on the bending strength of the yttria stabilized zirconia electrolyte was investigated with a commercial finite element code implementing the calculated Weibull stress through the experimental stress strain curve determined via tensile tests. The model was verified with the experimental three point bending test results for the electrolyte with unfilleted triangular cut off patterns. Ten different fillet radii ranging from 0.05 mm to 0.5 mm were considered in the simulations. The fracture displacement was found to increase with increasing fillet radius as expected. Since the electrolyte with fillet radius of 0.5 mm was found to show the highest flexural strength, single cell based on this electrolyte was fabricated and the cell performance was measured. It was found that the strength of the novel electrolyte with partly reduced thickness can be increased by 26.2% with sacrificing only 10.2% decrease in the performance. Since the final cell still showed 22.2% higher peak performance than the standard electrolyte supported cell, 10.2% decrease in the cell performance compared to the cell having unfilleted triangular cut off patterns is acceptable. Copyright (C) 2012, Hydrogen Energy Publications, LLC. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.


Effects of electrolyte pattern on mechanical and electrochemical properties of solid oxide fuel cells
TİMURKUTLUK, BORA; Celik, Selahattin; Toros, Serkan; Timurkutluk, Cigdem; Mat, Mahmut D.; Kaplan, Yuksel (2012-09-01)
In order to enhance the electrochemical performance and reduce the operation temperature of a conventional electrolyte supported solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC), a three layered electrolyte with various geometry is designed and fabricated. Novel three layered electrolytes comprise a dense and thin scandia alumina stabilized zirconia (ScAlSZ) electrolyte layer sandwiched between two hallow ScAlSZ electrolyte layers each having the same thickness as the support but machined into a filter like architecture in the...
Novel structured electrolytes for solid oxide fuel cells
TİMURKUTLUK, BORA; Celik, Selahattin; Timurkutluk, Cigdem; Mat, Mahmut D.; Kaplan, Yuksel (2012-09-01)
Novel grate type electrolytes are designed and fabricated to improve the cell performance and to lower the operation temperature of intermediate temperature electrolyte supported solid oxide fuel cells based on scandium and ceria stabilized zirconia by partly reducing the electrolyte thickness. The characteristics of three different small size cells (11.62 cm(2) active area) having various electrolyte designs are investigated. A standard electrolyte supported cell is also produced as a base case for compari...
Estimation of lining thickness around circular shafts
Ozturk, H; Unal, E (2001-06-22)
In this paper, the broken zone developing, around a circular mine shafts and lining pressure is estimated by integrating the results of numerical analysis and the "rock-load height" equation derived from empirical analysis. During numerical modelling studies, the computer program FLAC(2D) was utilized. In order to estimate equivalent Mohr failure Envelope from the generalised Hoek Brown failure criterion, a new FISH function was written within FLAC(2D). Parametric studies were carried out by considering mRM...
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B. TİMURKUTLUK, S. Celik, C. Timurkutluk, M. D. Mat, and Y. Kaplan, “Novel electrolytes for solid oxide fuel cells with improved mechanical properties,” INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HYDROGEN ENERGY, pp. 13499–13509, 2012, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: