Strong absorption of solar energy by using wide band metamaterial absorber designed with plus-shaped resonators

Sabah, Cumali
A new metamaterial absorber (MA) having distinct properties than those given in the literature is investigated. Although several designs have been studied for achieving absorption characteristics in single-band, dual-band and multiple bands within the whole spectrum of solar light, there has been limited number of researches examining the broad-band MA in the visible light section of the spectrum. The designed structure is composed of the combination of three layers having different thicknesses including a metallic substrate, dielectric and a metal layer. Due to the sandwich-like structure, it can support the plasmonic resonance. The proposed structure, which provides a maximum absorption level of 99.42% at 579.26 THz, has a high absorption rate of 99% between the frequency band 545 and 628 THz. Numerical results indicate that the proposed structure has perfect absorption which is greater than 90.98% through the whole working frequency band. The dependency of the designed structure on the polarization angle is investigated for different incident angles with TE and TM polarizations as well as the TEM mode. In addition to its potential applications such as solar cells and cloaking, the designed structure can also be considered as a color sensor and an optical frequency sensor.


Electromagnetic Energy Harvesting By Using Tunable Metamaterial Absorbers
Bakir, Mehmet; KARAASLAN, MUHARREM; Dincer, Furkan; Akgol, Oguzhan; ÜNAL, EMİN; DELİHACIOĞLU, KEMAL; Sabah, Cumali (2015-05-19)
In this study, electromagnetic (EM) energy harvesting by using metamaterial absorber is numerically explained. Operation frequency is 2.40 GHz since it is the industrical scientific and medical (ISM) band. This band is especially chosen due to most of the customer electronic devices are working in this band. Split ring resonator that have two splits on it used in this study, chip resistors are placed on these splits for wireless energy transfer to the devices. 83.6% efficient electromagnetic energy harvesti...
Wide Bandwidth Absorption in the MWIR Region using a Thin and Simple Metamaterial Absorber
ÜSTÜN, KADİR; Sayan, Gönül (2017-09-27)
In this study, metamaterial absorber structures that operate in the mid-wave infrared (MWIR) region are presented. The advantage of the design stems from the high absorptance in the region of interest and the ease of fabrication. Fabrication stage is facilitated by large in-plane geometric dimensions of the metamaterial pattern and small thickness of the full absorber geometry.
Energy Harvesting Through Lumped Elements Located on Metamaterial Absorber Particles
Gunduz, Ozan T.; Sabah, Cumali (2015-09-09)
We propose and examine an enhanced version of a multi-band metamaterial absorber for an energy harvesting application. The numerical results of the multi-band absorption characteristics of no-load conditions are presented and compared with the loading conditions. At most % 50 of the incoming wave energy whose correspondence is 0.25 Watt is converted to real power at the resistive loads at 5.88 GHz by the usage of 2000 ohms loads. In order to evaluate the harvesting efficiency, three different types of effic...
Simple Estimation of the Surface Area of Irregular 3D Particles
Erdoğan, Sinan Turhan (2016-08-01)
Shape-related properties of irregular particles are of interest in many fields. The volume and dimensions of rocks, such as coarse and larger fine concrete aggregates, can be physically measured rather easily. However, the surface area is difficult to measure physically, if at all possible. A combination of computed tomography and spherical harmonic analysis can be used to calculate the surface areas of micrometer-sized to centimeter-sized particles. This paper compares the success of several approaches tha...
Dual-band high-frequency metamaterial absorber based on patch resonator for solar cell applications and its enhancement with graphene layers
Ustunsoy, Mehmet Pasa; Sabah, Cumali (2016-12-05)
In this paper, a dual-band high-frequency metamaterial absorber based on patch resonator is designed and analyzed for solar cells. In order to obtain a metamaterial absorber, metal-semiconductor-metal layers are combined. The results of the designed structure are shown in the infrared and visible ranges of solar spectrum. Structural parameters and dimensions of the device have a significant importance on the performance of the designed absorber. The simulations are carried out with full-wave electromagnetic...
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E. ÜNAL, M. BAĞMANCI, M. KARAASLAN, O. AKGÖL, and C. Sabah, “Strong absorption of solar energy by using wide band metamaterial absorber designed with plus-shaped resonators,” INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MODERN PHYSICS B, pp. 0–0, 2018, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: