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Preparation of chabazite based Fenton-like heterogeneous catalyst and its organic micropollutant removal performance
Ali, Mohsin; Dilek, Filiz Bengü; İpek Torun, Bahar (2023-04-01)
Life cycle assessment of sericin recovery from silk degumming wastewaters
ÇAPAR, GÖKŞEN; PİLEVNELİ, TOLGA; Yetiş, Ülkü; Dilek, Filiz Bengü (2022-12-01)
© 2022 Elsevier B.V.Sericin is a silk protein discarded with silk degumming wastewater. Life cycle assessment of sericin recovery from silk degumming wastewater was conducted considering two scenarios; base scenario (no re...
Fate and effects of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) microplastics during anaerobic digestion of alkaline-thermal pretreated sludge
Hatinoglu, M. Dilara; Sanin, Faika Dilek (2022-11-01)
Plastics are resilient, hard to degrade materials that can persist in nature for centuries. Microplastics (MPs) exhibit similar tough character and hold the potential to harm marine and terrestrial ecosystems upon their re...
Investigating the effect of solids retention time on pesticides removal in an activated sludge process
Kocaman, Kumru; Yetiş, Ülkü; Dilek, Filiz Bengü (2022-10-01)
© 2022 Elsevier B.V.The levels of pesticides reaching the biological wastewater treatment plants have been increasing. Operational conditions leading to the most efficient removal of pesticides in these plants should be ev...
Assessing the influence of sewage sludge and derived-biochar in immobilization and transformation of heavy metals in polluted soil: Impact on intracellular free radical formation in maize
Rashid, Muhammad Saqib; Liu, Guijian; Yousaf, Balal; Hamid, Yasir; Rehman, Abdul; Munir, Mehr Ahmed Mujtaba; Arif, Muhammad; Ahmed, Rafay; Song, Yu (2022-09-15)
© 2022 Elsevier LtdAs one of the most common ways to get rid of municipal waste, landfill leachate, waste with complicated compositions and high levels of contaminants, has become a significant threat to the world's enviro...
Fungi-derived agriculturally important nanoparticles and their application in crop stress management – Prospects and environmental risks
Sonawane, Hiralal; Shelke, Deepak; Chambhare, Mahadev; Dixit, Nishi; Math, Siddharam; Sen, Suparna; Borah, Siddhartha Narayan; Islam, Nazim Forid; Joshi, Sanket J.; Yousaf, Balal; Rinklebe, Jörg; Sarma, Hemen (2022-09-01)
© 2022 Elsevier Inc.Nanotechnology has a wide range of agricultural applications, with emphasize on the development of novel nano-agrochemicals such as, nano-fertilizer and nano-pesticides. It has a significant impact on s...
Plant-wide modeling of a metropolitan wastewater treatment plant to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint
Okan, Bora; Bayramoğlu, Tuba Hande; Aksoy, Ayşegül (2022-09-01)
A real metropolitan wastewater treatment plant (RWWTP) serving a population equivalent of 1.55 million was modeled to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint (CFP). An approach was proposed to handle the dilution fa...
In vivo phytotoxic effect of yttrium-oxide nanoparticles on the growth, uptake and translocation of tomato seedlings (Lycopersicon esculentum)
Wang, Xueping; Liu, Xiaojie; Yang, Xiao; Wang, Lingqing; Yang, Jun; Yan, Xiulan; Liang, Tao; Hansen, Hans Chr Bruun; Yousaf, Balal; Shaheen, Sabry M.; Bolan, Nanthi; Rinklebe, Joerg (2022-09-01)
The potential toxicity and ecological risks of rare-earth nanoparticles in the environment have become a concern due to their widespread application and inevitable releases. The integration of hydroponics experiments, part...
Indigenous Perceptions of Factors Influencing Behavioral Intentions Towards Climate Change Mitigation: An Assessment
Basiru, Ibrahim; Liu, Guijian; Arkorful, Vincent Ekow; Lugu, Benjamin Kweku; Yousaf, Balal; Hussain, Mudassar; Jama, Osman M. (2022-09-01)
In this study, an attempt is made to understand the behavioral intentions towards climate change mitigation using Ajzen's framework of the Theory of Planned Behavior. It examines the factors that influence mitigation behav...
Insights into the synthesis and application of biochar assisted graphene-based materials in antibiotic remediation
Ashraf, Aniqa; Liu, Guijian; Arif, Muhammad; Mian, Md Manik; Rashid, Audil; Yousaf, Balal; Khawar, Muhammad Irfan; Riaz, Luqman; Safeer, Rabia (2022-08-10)
© 2022 Elsevier LtdAn increase in antibiotic utilization worldwide has led to serious environmental problems due to their direct and indirect release into waterbodies. The addition of pharmaceutically active compounds to w...
Modeling coastal Güzelyurt (Morphou) aquifer in northern Cyprus for mitigation of groundwater depletion through managed aquifer recharge
Demir, Cansu; Fanta, Debebe; Akıntuğ, Bertuğ; Ünlü, Kahraman (2022-08-01)
© 2022, The Author(s), under exclusive licence to Springer Nature Switzerland AG.Groundwater depletion is considered a global problem. Coastal aquifers in arid and semiarid areas of the Mediterranean basin constitute typic...
Assessment of health risks associated with the consumption of wastewater-irrigated vegetables in urban areas
Jabeen, F.; Manzoor, M.; Ibrahim, M.; Mahmood, A.; Adrees, M.; Aslam, A.; Kanwal, U.; Vithanage, M.; Yousaf, Balal (2022-08-01)
Several health issues are related to toxic metals among which Pb, Cr, Cd, and Ni are categorized as human carcinogenic. We analyzed the health risks linked with food chain contamination due to vegetables irrigated with was...
In-situ oxidative degradation of sulfamethoxazole by calcium peroxide/persulfate dual oxidant system in water and soil
Amina; Abbas, Qumber; Shakoor, Awais; Naushad, Mu; Yousaf, Balal (2022-08-01)
Morphochemical investigation on the enrichment and transformation of hazardous elements in ash from waste incineration plants
Ali, Muhammad Ubaid; Liu, Yuan; Yousaf, Balal; Wong, Ming Hung; Li, Ping; Liu, Guijian; Wang, Ruwei; Wei, Yong; Lu, Muyuan (2022-07-01)
© 2022 Elsevier B.V.The transformation of heavy metals in ash from waste incineration plants is significant for ash management. The migration behavior of trace elements in ash after combustion, semidry deacidification, fab...
Factors affecting particle number size distributions at a suburban and a rural site at the Anatolian Plateau
Uzunpınar, Elif Sena; İmamoğlu, İpek; Rahmani, Amir; Tuncel, Süleyman Gürdal (2022-07-01)
© 2022 Turkish National Committee for Air Pollution Research and ControlIn this work, number size distributions of particles between 0.2 and 34 μm were measured with a laser spectrometer. Temporal and spatial variability i...
High current density via direct electron transfer by hyperthermophilic archaeon, Geoglobus acetivorans, in microbial electrolysis cells operated at 80 °C
Kaş, Aykut; Yılmazel, Yasemin Dilşad (2022-06-01)
Utilization of hyperthermophilic electro-active microorganisms in microbial electrolysis cells (MECs) that are used for hydrogen production from organic wastes offers significant advantages, such as increased reaction rate...
Two-stage anaerobic digestion of ozonated sewage sludge predominantly took over by acetotrophic methanogens with increased biogas and methane production
Akcakaya, Merve; Tuncay, Sera; İçgen, Bülent (2022-06-01)
Ozonation of sewage sludge prior to single-stage anaerobic digestion (SAD) has been reported to increase biogas and/or methane production. However, no studies have evaluated the impact of ozone pre-treatment on two-stage a...
Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of Uranium Recovery from Brine
Altay, Melike Benan; Kalıpçıoğlu, Ceyda; Kurt, Zöhre (2022-06-01)
With the increase in world population and the associated increase in raw material, clean water and energy demands, seeking for innovative and sustainable methods to decrease human-made environmental footprint becomes a tas...
Comprehensive analysis and modeling of landfill leachate
Ergene, Didar; Aksoy, Ayşegül; KURTULUŞ, DİLEK FUNDA (2022-05-15)
© 2022 Elsevier LtdLandfill leachate data compiled from 220 different landfills from 46 countries in Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa, and America was analysed by multivariate statistical approaches. Data pre-treatment pr...
Modified and pristine biochars for remediation of chromium contamination in soil and aquatic systems.
El-Naggar, Ali; Mosa, Ahmed; Ahmed, Naveed; Niazi, Nabeel Khan; Yousaf, Balal; Sarkar, Binoy; Rinklebe, Jörg; Cai, Yanjiang; Chang, Scott X (2022-05-13)
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