GEOPORTAL: TUBITAK UZAY Satellite Data Processing and Sharing System

Teke, Mustafa
Tevrizoglu, Ismail
Oztoprak, Ayse Feray
Demirkesen, Can
Acikgoz, Ibrahim Serdar
Gurbuz, Sevgi Zubeyde
Kupcu, Ramazan
Avenoglu, Bulent
Over the years, rapidly developing satellite technologies have greatly increased the amount and size of data; e.g. high resolution imagery of 31 cm (e.g. World View 3) and even video. As satellites become increasingly more complex and remote sensing capabilities improve, the demands on faster and more accurate data processing to enable the full potential of data exploitation likewise increases. In this light, TUBITAK UZAY has developed a satellite image processing and sharing platform, dubbed GEOPORTAL, to provide the software and informatics infrastructure required to facilitate sharing and processing. GEOPORTAL also includes modules enabling critical functions, such as radiometric and geometric correction, as well as other core satellite image processing routines, to serve images in formats ready for research and remote sensing applications.
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