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Celiker, Emine (1)
Nesimoglu, Tayfun (1)
Ozdemir, Huriye (1)

Dualband matching network (1)
Fractal antenna (1)
RF energy harvesting (1)

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2016 - 2018 (2)

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Microwave Energy Harvesting by using a Broadband Fractal Antenna and a Dual-Band Rectifier
Ozdemir, Huriye; Nesimoglu, Tayfun (2018-11-02)
In this paper, a broadband rectenna for radio frequency (RF) energy harvesting is presented. The proposed rectenna consists of a broadband fractal slot antenna and a voltage doubler rectifier circuit with a novel matching ...
On the Fourth-Order Accurate Approximations of the Solution of the Dirichlet Problem for Laplace's Equation in a Rectangular Parallelepiped
Celiker, Emine; DOSİYEV, ADİGOZAL (2016-06-25)
An interpolation operator is proposed using the cubic grid solution of order 0 (h(4)), h is the mesh size, of the Dirichlet problem for Laplace's equation in a rectangular paralellepiped. It is proved that when the boundar...
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