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METU Instructional Technology Support Office Accelerating Return on Investment Through e learning Faculty Development
Gürbüz, Tarkan; Akteke Öztürk, Başak; Kubuş, Okan; Çağıltay, Kürşat (null; 2008-03-01)
The changing conditions caused by the social, economical and technological parameters are forcing higher education institutions to maximize their investments in instructional technology equipment, facilities, and training in order to provide new learning experiences for students. However, these investments can only be valuable for the faculties if conscious actions are taken to improve the use of instructional technology in educational settings. Most of the leading universities recently started to provide I...
METU First Year Education
Savaş Sargın, Ayşen (null; 2018-11-16)
METU Summer Practices A Model of Integrating Theory and Practice in Architectural Education
Zelef, Mustafa Haluk; Önür, Selahattin; Aytaç, Tuğyan; Saranlı, Türel (2001-10-24)
METU’s Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) and Social Sciences & Humanities (SSH) communities come together for research collaboration
Sarı, Ramazan (2018-12-01)
METU Department of Architecture PhD Program
Altan, Tomris Elvan (2017-08-31)
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