I-Wonder-How: A Method for Co-designing with Children in Design Education

Umulu, Sıla
This paper explores co-designing with children in the context of undergraduateindustrial design education, and investigates the potential of performative andnarrative-based design methods in co-designing with children. It addresses the earlyphases of design process and proposes a co-design method for supporting industrial design students’ eliciting children’s needs and preferences. The field study conducted involves a co-design session with 51 industrial design students and 24 third gradeprimary school children, and face to face semi-structured interviews with 24 designstudents who participated in the co-design session. The findings indicate that theproposed co-design method, I-Wonder-How, is supportive for industrial designstudents in their eliciting children’s needs and preferences. Based on the challenges experienced by design students during the co-design session and the post-sessiondesign process, the study draws attention to the importance of the entire co-designexperience including pre and post phases. While the pre-session phase entailspreparedness of the parties involved, the post-session phase requires design studentsto focus on reinterpreting and reconstructing design insights.
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