Motherhood in hard times: Phenomenological study on mother’s concerns against terrorist attack

Gökyar, Meryem
Erdur Baker, Özgür
STAR: Stress, Akxiety. Resilience: Challenges of 21st. Century (2017)


Motherhood in hard times: phenomenological study on mothers responses, concerns and coping in relation to terrorist attacks in Turkey
Gökyar, Meryem; Erdur Baker, Özgür; Department of Educational Sciences (2017)
Human made disasters like wars, forced immigration and terrorism leads to a global security problem. Turkey is not an exception, in terms of experiencing civil war, several terrorist attacks, coups and refugee issues. In this present study, 21 mothers of children between ages 3-15 were interviewed about their own and children’s responses to the recent terrorist attacks. This study suggests that mothers are stressed by these terror events, and give various responses in emotional, behavioural and thoughts dim...
Motherhood in Pat Barker’s post-industrial working-class fiction: a study of Union Street and Liza’s England /
Çağlar, Bircan; Öztabak Avcı, Elif; Department of English Literature (2014)
This thesis aims to explore issues such as motherhood, poverty, entrapment, procreation, abortion, alienation and violence in Pat Barker’s two early post-industrial novels Union Street and Liza’s England by foregrounding the role of socio-economic factors in female characters’ oppression. Christine Delphy’s Close to Home and Stevi Jackson’s “Women and the Family” have been used as a theoretical framework in order to explore Barker’s portrayal of working-class wives’ and mothers’ oppression in a patriarchal ...
Türe, Didem; Şahin Acar, Başak; Beşpınar Akgüner, Fatma Umut; Department of Psychology (2021-7-30)
Perfect motherhood expectations legitimize criticizing women about their mothering and expose them to mom-shaming. The discrepancy between ideal maternal self, which was created by the definition of perfect motherhood, and one's actual maternal self increases negative emotions in women and leads them to perceive themselves as bad mothers. The current study aimed to examine the mother-shaming experiences and related negative emotions due to maternal self-discrepancies both by qualitative and quantitive analy...
Mother-Daughter Relationship's links to Daughter's Self-Esteem and Life Satisfaction
Erdur Baker, Özgür (2013-06-01)
This study examines the relation of mother - daughter relationship to an adult daughter’s selfesteem and life satisfaction. 426 university students with a mean age of 21.62 (SD= 2.35) participated in the study. Adult Mother - Daughter Questionnaire, the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale and the Satisfaction with Life Scale were administered. The canonical correlation analysis revealed that three indicators of mother - daughter relationship (connectedness, interdependency, and trust in hierarchy) and the two indic...
Mother-child memory conversations and self-construal in Eastern Turkey, Western Turkey and the USA
Şahin Acar, Başak (Informa UK Limited, 2015-01-02)
Eighty-seven mothers and their four-year-old children from Eastern Turkey (N = 32 pairs), Western Turkey (N = 30 pairs) and the USA (N = 25 pairs) participated in a study of mother-child memory talk as a reflection of mothers' self construal, in view of differences in the function of memory talk across cultures. Mother-child pairs were audio-recorded while talking about shared past and anticipated future events. Mothers completed the Balanced Integration-Differentiation questionnaire measure of self-constru...
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