Neden Sürdürülebilirlik? Neden Sürdürülebilir Bina Malzemeleri?

Ekoloji ve Mimarlık, Bülten


Why Keynes’ A Treatise On Money Might Have Greater Relevance Today Than His General Theory?
Ertürk, Korkut A. (Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesi (Ankara, Turkey), 2008-6)
Asset price speculation has come to play a central role in economic life in the age financial liberalization in a way that is reminiscent of the era right before the Great Depression. In his A Treatise on Money, financial variables and asset price speculation was an integral part of Keynes’ account of the business cycle dynamics. In his General Theory, Keynes commented on financial markets extensively, but did not use his insights on asset price speculation explicitly in his theory of output determination. ...
Neden Toplum İçin Şehircilik
Keskinok, Hüseyin Çağatay; Şengül, Hüseyin Tarık (2008-03-01)
Why can’t we still be friends?: othering in intercultural relationships in E. M. Forster’s a Passage to India and Zadie Smith’s White teeth
Demirel Aydemir, Gül Deniz; Korkut Naykı, Nil; Department of English Literature (2015)
This thesis aims to compare E. M. Forsters’s A Passage to India and Zadie Smith’s White Teeth basing its argument on the assumption that both novels contemplate in good faith on the possibilities for people from different cultures and ethnicities to genuinely relate to each other without engaging in the negative practice of othering. Both novels dwell on contexts in which the (ex) colonizer and the colonized have to live together – one in colonial India and the other in postcolonial England. While making th...
The Determinants of Original Sin
Arınsoy Memiş, Deniz; Özmen, Erdal; Department of Economics (2012)
Original sin in economy literature is defined as the inability of countries to borrow in domestic currency from abroad (even from local markets with long maturities and fixed-rate). There are two dimensions of the problem, international and domestic. In this thesis, some of theories on determinants of international original sin phenomenon are investigated. The results suggest that absolute size of the economy is a significant determinant of the international original sin. Financial and economic development ...
Describing the software architecture of a multimedia data management system
Avcı Salma, Çiğdem; Oğuztüzün, Mehmet Halit S.; Department of Computer Engineering (2013)
Multimedia Data Management Systems (MMDMS) enable storing, organizing, accessing and retrieving multimedia content effectively and efficiently. "Describing the software architecture of METU Multimedia Data Management System (METU- MMDMS), which can be a representative for contemporary MMDMS architectures, to facilitate future research on MMDMSs" is the primary objective of this study. The METU-MMDMS is placed to the focal point of the study by taking into account its unique infrastructure, non-systematic wa...
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