Carefree Maneuvering using Adaptive Neural Nets

AIAA Atmospheric Flight Mechanics Conference and Exhibir (5 - 8 August 2002)


Carefree Maneuvering Using Neural Networks
Yavrucuk, İlkay (2002-08-05)
Preventive Replacement Decisions for Dragline Components Using Reliability Analysis
Demirel, Nuray; Gölbaşı, Onur (2016-06-01)
Reliability-based maintenance policies allow qualitative and quantitative evaluation of system downtimes via revealing main causes of breakdowns and discussing required preventive activities against failures. Application of preventive maintenance is especially important for mining machineries since production is highly affected from machinery breakdowns. Overburden stripping operations are one of the integral parts in surface coal mine productions. Draglines are extensively utilized in overburden stripping ...
Hyperspectral Unmixing Based Analysis of Forested Areas
Başkurt, Nur Didem; Omruuzun, Fatih; Çetin, Yasemin (2015-05-19)
This study aims to extract the planted regions in partially forested area by analyzing the hyperspectral remote sensing images acquired with airborne platforms. The proposed study utilizes the endmember signatures obtained from hyperspectral unmixing algorithms in order to classify the image pixels. The classification algorithm selects the endmember with highest spectral vegetation characteristic, and associates this endmember with the planted area pixels. The algorithm is tested on a scene covering METU An...
Deadbeat Control of Running with the ATRIAS Biped Based on Spring-Mass Model with Trunk and Tunable Leg Damping
Seçer, Görkem; Saranlı, Uluç (2018-05-24)
Slow moving target detection for airborne radar systems by dynamic programming on SAR images
Gurer, Gorkem; Koc, Sencer; Candan, Çağatay; Orguner, Umut (2019-04-01)
A dynamic programming based approach is proposed to detect slow moving, low reflectivity targets for airborne radar systems. The suggested method utilizes the reflectivity amplitudes of the SAR image, possibly containing multiple slow moving targets, and poses the target detection problem as a maximum likelihood sequence detection problem. Dynamic programming is applied to capture the target related features such as along track smeared target signatures in the SAR image to this aim. Typical clutter and targ...
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