L1 Turkish Transfer in the Acquisition of L2 English Definite Article



L2 Turkish learners conceptualization of the polite speech act of congratulation in Turkish
Can, Hümeyra; Hatipoğlu, Çiler (null; 2015-07-01)
For quite a while now, it has been recognized that there is a dynamic interplay between cognition and culture, and people view their world through categories, concepts, and labels that are products of their own culture and their perceptual frames of reference (Porter & Samovar 1982). Therefore, members of every community have their own rules and rituals of (im)politeness. This adds to the complexity of intercultural communication urging language learners to develop the cultural awareness necessary to accult...
L2 writing teachers' perceptions of mistakes in student writing and their preferences regarding feedback: the case of a Turkish private university
Dokuzoğlu, Selcen; Enginarlar, Hüsnü; Department of English Language Teaching (2010)
L2 WRITING TEACHERS’ PERCEPTIONS OF MISTAKES IN STUDENT WRITING AND THEIR PREFERENCES REGARDING FEEDBACK: THE CASE OF A TURKISH PRIVATE UNIVERSITY Dokuzoğlu, Selcen M.A. Program of English Language Teaching Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Hüsnü Enginarlar September 2010, 161 pages This study aimed to investigate L2 writing instructors’ perceptions of seriousness of different mistake types in upper-intermediate level students’ essays. It also set out to examine the teachers’ preferences related with feedback provision...
L2 learners’ exam papers as crowdsourcing base for language teaching material development
Hatipoğlu, Çiler (2019-03-14)
LRP5-linked osteoporosis- pseudoglioma syndrome mimicking isolated microphthalmia
Ergun, Sezen Guntekin; Akay, Guvem Gumus; ERGÜN, MEHMET ALİ; PERÇİN, Ferda Emriye (Elsevier BV, 2017-03-01)
Microphthalmia is defined as the measurement of the total axial length of the eyeball to be below average of the two standard deviation according to the age. While several genes have been identified so far related to microphthalmia, the genetic etiology of the disease has not been fully understood because of genetic heterogeneity observed in this disease. After exclusion of the genes that had been known to be the cause of microphthalmia, we performed homozygosity mapping and exome sequencing to clarify the ...
LM-OSL signals from some insulators: An analysis of the dependency of the detrapping probability on stimulation light intensity
Bulur, Enver; Murray, A.S. (2001-01-01)
Optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) signals from various insulators including quartz, Al2O3 : C, BeO and NaCl have been studied using the linear modulation OSL (LM-OSL) technique. LM-OSL is based on the linear increase of the stimulation light power from zero to a maximum during the measurement. The resultant OSL curve initially increases and then decays after reaching a maximum, The analysis of LM-OSL data usually assumes a linear relationship between the detrapping rate and the stimulation light inten...
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