Signal injection with perceptual criteria

In this paper, a novel method for increasing the coding performance and information transmission capacity is presented. This method is mainly based on perceptual modelling of input signal such as speech or audio. Presented approach may be seen as an alternative to transforms which dynamically change analysis window for better energy compaction. A perceptual model is established in order to obtain a global masking threshold in frequency below which sounds become inaudible. Certain criteria are developed for identifying the signal injection bands. A new multiband filter design method which is a generalization of windowing method is used to separate the inaudible spectrum. These spectral partitions are then used to send additional information. Under the condition that signal injection and synthesis after decoding is done appropriately, injected signal is not audible within the original audio signal. This type of signal injection is especially useful in audio coding and Digital Audio Broadcasting, (DAB).
Turkish Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences


Hierarchical behavior categorization using correlation based adaptive resonance theory
Yavaş, Mustafa; Alpaslan, Ferda Nur; Department of Computer Engineering (2011)
This thesis introduces a novel behavior categorization model that can be used for behavior recognition and learning. Correlation Based Adaptive Resonance Theory (CobART) network, which is a kind of self organizing and unsupervised competitive neural network, is developed for this purpose. CobART uses correlation analysis methods for category matching. It has modular and simple architecture. It can be adapted to different categorization tasks by changing the correlation analysis methods used when needed. Cob...
Momentum transfer continuum between preshape and grasping based on fluidics
Özyer, Barış; Erkmen, İsmet; Erkmen, Aydan Müşerref; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2012)
This dissertation propose a new fluidics based framework to determine a continuum between preshaping and grasping so as to appropriately preshape a multi-fingered robot hand for creating an optimal initialization of grasp. The continuum of a hand preshape closing upon an object that creates an initial object motion tendency of the object based on the impact moment patterns generated from the fingers is presented. These motion tendencies should then be suitable for the proper initiation of the grasping task....
Yuceoglu, Umur; Javanshir, Jaber; Amireghbali, Aydin; Guvendik, Ozen (2010-11-18)
The present study is about the theoretical analysis and the numerical solutions of the free vibrations of a certain type of the "Bonded and Stiffened System". In other words, the "Free Bending Vibrations of Composite Mindlin Base Plates or Panels Reinforced by Three Bonded Stiffening Plate Strips" are investigated. The-plate elements of the entire "System" are considered as the dissimilar "Orthotropic Mindlin Plates" with the transverse shear deformations and the transverse and the rotatory moments of inert...
Evaluation of UAS Camera Operator Interfaces in a Simulated Task Environment An Optical Brain Imaging Approach
Çakır, Murat Perit; Akay, Daryal; Ayaz, Hasan; İşler, Veysi (null; 2012-07-11)
In this paper we focus on the effect of different interface designs on the performance and cognitive workload of sensor operators (SO) during a target detection task in a simulated environment. Functional near-infrared (fNIR) spectroscopy is used to investigate whether there is a relationship between target detection performance across three SO interfaces and brain activation data obtained from the subjects’ prefrontal cortices that are associated with relevant higher-order cognitive functions such as atten...
Designing energy-efficient high-precision multi-pass turning processes via robust optimization and artificial intelligence
Khalilpourazari, Soheyl; Khalilpourazary, Saman; ÇİFTÇİOĞLU, AYBİKE ÖZYÜKSEL; Weber, Gerhard Wilhelm (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2020-09-01)
This paper suggests a novel robust formulation designed for optimizing the parameters of the turning process in an uncertain environment for the first time. The aim is to achieve the lowest energy consumption and highest precision. With this aim, the current paper considers uncertain parameters, objective functions, and constraints in the offered mathematical model. We proposed several uncertain models and validated the results in real-world case studies. In addition, several artificial intelligence-based s...
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