A Canine Food Reaching Task (CanFoRe): A New Tool to Assess Paw Preference in Domestic Dogs

Saral, Begüm
Isparta, Sevim
Töre Yargın, Gülşen
Adıay, Deniz
Musa, Saad Adam
Keskin Yılmaz, Nevra
Çınar Kul, Bengi
Şafak, Etkin
Öztürk, Hakan
Emre, Bahri
Ocklenburg, Sebastian
Güntürkün, Onur
Demirbaş, Yasemin Salgırlı


A Canine Gait Analysis Protocol for the Analysis of the Back Movement: Assessment of Kinematic and Kinetic Variables in German Shepherd Dogs
Cereatti, Andrea; Sürer, Elif; Evangelisti, Maria Antonietta; Manunta, Maria Lucia; Gabriele, Paolini; Della Croce, Ugo (2015-07-16)
Introduction and objectives Degenerative lumbosacral stenosis (DLSS) is a common disorder affecting large breed dogs and in particular German Shepherd (GS) dogs. Currently, the most common treatment is surgery, however surgical timing and techniques are still controversial [1]. In this regard, instrumented movement analysis is a powerful tool for improving the clinical intervention efficacy [2]. The majority of the gait analysis protocols proposed were devised to analyze hind limbs kinematics [3]. To author...
A structural equation modeling study : factors affecting science achievement based on OBBS-2002 across grade levels and school types
Kalender, İlker; Berberoğlu, Halil Giray; Department of Secondary Science and Mathematics Education (2004)
In this study, factors that affect students' science achievement were modeled based on the data which was obtained from Study for Determination of Student Achievement ا 2002 (Ogrenci Basarisinin Belirlenmesi Calismasi ا OBBS). First, using principle components analysis tecnique, dimensions of the student questionnaires and science achievement tests were found out. Using these dimensions for student questionnaires, latent variables socioeconomic status, student-centered activities, teacher-centered activitie...
A Multicriteria Method to Form Optional Preventive Maintenance Plans: A Case Study of a Large Fleet of Vehicles
Guner, Gurkan Guven; Sakar, Ceren Tuncer; Yet, Barbaros (2021-01-01)
IEEEMotor vehicles are composed of a large number of parts, and planning the maintenance activities of different parts is a crucial decision that affects system reliability, operation costs, and capacity requirements of service providers. We propose a systematic method to determine the critical parts that should be handled with extra preventive maintenance (PM) and prepare alternative PM plans with different levels of cost and capacity usage. Our method uses a multicriteria decision-making approach to deter...
A design based study: Characteristics of differentiated tasks for mathematically gifted students
Ozdemir, Duygu; Işıksal Bostan, Mine (2021-07-01)
Nowadays, the necessity of designing proper differentiated tasks for mathematically gifted students is a remarkable subject in international literature and practice. In this design-based study, it was aimed to analyze and construct characteristics for designing differentiated tasks of mathematically gifted students. Through this design process, preliminary and prototyping phases were used as a general framework to reveal these characteristics as design principles of the study. Literature reviews, experience...
A Perceptual Measure of Innovation Performance: Micro Level Evidence from Turkey
Fındık, Derya; Beyhan, Berna (Science And Technology Policies Research Center, Middle East Technical University (Ankara, Turkey), 2015)
This paper aims to introduce a qualitative indicator to measure innovation performance of Turkish firms by using firm level data collected by Turkish Statistical Institute (TURKSTAT) in 2008 and 2009. We propose a new indicator to measure the innovation performance which is simply based on the perception of firms regarding to the impacts of innovation. In order to create performance indicators we conduct a factor analysis to group the firms’ perceptions on the impacts of innovation. Factor analysis gives us...
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