Which Anatolianism Whither Heritage A History of Anatolianism in Conflicting Narratives of Turkish Heritage



What learner centered professional development looks like The pilot studies of the InterMath professional development project
Orrill, Chandra Hawley; Brown, Summer; Erbaş, Ayhan Kürşat; Galloway, Chad; Glazer, Evan; Lawler, Brian; Umberger Patton, Shannon; Bleich, Laurel; Ledford, Sarah; Polly, Drew (2006-01-01)
In recent years professional developers have reached a consensus about what constitutes effective professional development, referred to in the literature as “learner-centered professional development.” InterMath is a professional development project that was developed to address the recommendations for high quality professional development for middle grades mathematics teachers. In this report, I will highlight two cases of InterMath implementation. Then, I will offer a discussion of changes that have been ...
Which matters more in ‘dual identity online brand communities’: brand vs community commitment
Altınışık, Said; Özkan Yıldırım, Sevgi; Department of Information Systems (2020-11-24)
Online Brand Community (OBC) has been a relatively novel and attractive phenomenon in marketingand in the academics thereof, due to its business implications. In this study we define a new type of online brand community: ‘dual identity’ OBC’s, and examined the attitudinal mechanism in these type of brand communities. In the relational context of an OBC two objects of commitment, brand and community commitment play role in this interaction. This study investigates how the two ...
What education builds as nation in afghanistan: a case of nation-building
Sungur, Zeynep Tuba; Yıldırım, Erdoğan; Department of Area Studies (2020-9)
The departing point of this thesis is to understand the implications of nation-building as a Western initiative in contemporary Afghanistan in the post-2001 period. Based on this larger question, the thesis investigates the meaning of ‘nation’ as a concept that is externally introduced to this country. In this framework, the goal of this thesis is to reveal the idea of nation as presented particularly in the discourse of education constructed by the state of Afghanistan. To this end, the thesis employs thre...
Who Does Psychotherapy A Historical Look at the Controversy Among Turkish Mental Health Professionals
Aydın, Gül; Sümer, Zeynep (2000-04-01)
Do we speak the same culture Evidence from students in the Foreign Language Education Departments
Hatipoğlu, Çiler (null; 2009-09-01)
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