Which matters more in ‘dual identity online brand communities’: brand vs community commitment

Altınışık, Said
Online Brand Community (OBC) has been a relatively novel and attractive phenomenon in marketingand in the academics thereof, due to its business implications. In this study we define a new type of online brand community: ‘dual identity’ OBC’s, and examined the attitudinal mechanism in these type of brand communities. In the relational context of an OBC two objects of commitment, brand and community commitment play role in this interaction. This study investigates how the two commitments are generated withtheir unique antecedents and how they contribute to certain businessoutcomes, namely asfuture purchasing intention and community participation intention.We used a mixed method design, explanatory sequential design as the research methodology of this study. In the quantitative part, we used Structural Equation Modelingtechnique to test our proposed model and the data (n=1256) were collected from the OBC of a retailing firm that operates country-wide in Turkey.Than in the qualitative part of the study we employed netnographic approach to analyze the community’s Facebook page, to have a deeper understanding of the nature of interaction within the community.Results have shown that brand realm and community realm, though they show strong coherence within, operaterelatively distinctboth fortheir antecedents and outcomes. Especially in the outcomes side, brand commitment didnot have a positive effect on thecommunity participation intention and communitycommitment did not yield to re-purchase intention directly, rather it contributed to re-purchase intention through the mediation of brand commitment indirectly.
Citation Formats
S. Altınışık, “Which matters more in ‘dual identity online brand communities’: brand vs community commitment,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2020.