Methodological Challenges in Rankings How Can Scientometrics Better Inform University Rankings



Methodological issues in building, training, and testing artificial neural networks in ecological applications
Ozesmi, Stacy L.; Tan, Can O.; Ozesmi, Uygar (2006-05-15)
We evaluate the use of artificial neural networks, particularly the feedforward multilayer perceptron with back-propagation for training (MLP), in ecological modelling and make suggestions on its use. in MLP modelling, there are no assumptions about the underlying form of the data that must be met as in standard statistical techniques. Instead, researchers must clarify the process of modelling, as this is most critical to how the model performs and is interpreted. Overfitting on the data, a potential proble...
Methodological foundations of mhealth designstudies: a content analysis of literature
Acar, Ahmet Faruk; Özkan Yıldırım, Sevgi (null; 2019-04-13)
Despite the pervasiveness of mobile devices and the number of available mobile health (mHealth) apps, a scaled nationwide mHealth solution for supporting continuous healthcare is lacking in many developing countries. Systematic reviews in mobile health field show various barriers to explain the lack of scalability and sustainability among mHealth interventions. However, little is known about the methodological soundness of mHealth app design studies. We conducted a literature review to investigate the theor...
Methodological differences between science and pseudoscience :the case of crystals from the standpoint of 8th graders
Metin, Duygu; Çakıroğlu, Jale; Leblebicioğlu, Gülşen (2016-08-25)
Demarcation problem between science and pseudoscience is important but neglected aspect of science education. Demarcation problem represents philosophical problem dealing with what should be considered scientific and pseudoscientific. It is epistemological, sociological, psychological, and methodological issue as well. Specifically, the present study aimed at discovering and describing reasoning patterns that middle school students used while they reflected their understandings about pseudoscientific issue...
Methodological Approaches to Social Sciences
Sökmen, Alev; Bıyık, Yunus (2016-01-01)
Methodological Approach To Social Sciences
Sökmen, Alev; Bıyık, Yunus (null, 2017-01-01)
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