Turkish Foreign Policy and Discourses on Europe



Turkish foreign policy : New Concepts and Reflections
Aktaş, Gülbahar Yelken; Kibaroğlu, Ayşegül; Department of International Relations (2010)
Turkey has been in the process of taking its foreign policy position in the post-Cold War international schema. Through this process of adjustment, Turkish foreign policy has been developing new perspectives with new concepts. The objective of this thesis is to analyze these new concepts with its theoretical basics and reflections in policy formation. In this sense; traditional Turkish foreign policy, systemic changes behind the new foreign policy path, Strategic Depth Doctrine and new conceptual tools of T...
Turkish Public Opinion and Transatlantic Relations
Şenyuva, Özgehan (Lexington Books, Lanham (MD), USA , 2021-01-01)
Turkish Public Opinion and European Union Membership The state of The Art in Public Opinion Studies in Turkey
Şenyuva, Özgehan (2006-03-01)
This article presents the findings of a survey of the data collected on Turkish Public opinion and Turkey’s bid for European Union membership from late 1990s until 2004. The aim of the study is to present the state of the art in public opinion studies in Turkey by looking at different sectors, namely academics, international and private research. In this essay it is argued that the collection of qualified data on Turkish public opinion and EU, and the study of Turkish public opinion is very disregarded comp...
Turkish foreign policy and strategic partnership in Asia-Pacific
Yoon, Hyunsoo; Tanrısever, Oktay F.; Department of International Relations (2019)
This thesis analyses Turkish foreign policy towards Asia-Pacific by focusing on the diplomatic, economic and cultural aspects. In the 2010s, Turkey and the six Asia-Pacific countries have agreed to elevate their relationship into strategic partnership. Contrary to the views of several scholars who emphasize the continuity in Turkey's Asia-Pacific policy, this thesis argues that there are significant changes in Turkey's orientation towards this region as compared to Ankara's earlier policies. The thesis also...
Turkish prospective chemistry teachers alternative conceptions about acids and bases
Boz, Yezdan (School Science and Mathematics Association, 2009-01-01)
The purpose of this study was to obtain prospective chemistry teachers' conceptions about acids and bases concepts. Thirty‐eight prospective chemistry teachers were the participants. Data were collected by means of an open‐ended questionnaire and semi‐structured interviews. Analysis of data indicated that most prospective teachers did not have difficulties about macroscopic properties of acids and bases. However, despite chemistry instruction, most of the prospective teachers were found to have problems in ...
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