15 Yıllık Arkeolojik Araştırmaların Işığında Komana



15 Yıllık Arkeolojik Araştırmaların Işığında Komana
Tatbul, Mustafa Nuri; Erciyas, Deniz Burcu (Bilgin Kültür Sanat Yayınları, 2020-03-01)
15. yydan 18. yyla İtalyanların Osmanlı Algısı
Soykut, Mustafa (Aschendorff Verlag, 2010-06-01)
15 Yılın Birikimi: docomomo-tr.org
Altan, Tomris Elvan; Salman, Sakine Yıldız (null; 2018-03-20)
A Fantasy In Central Anatolian Architectural Heritage: Dove Cotes And Towers In Kayseri
İmamoğlu, Vacit; Korumaz, Mustafa; İmamoğlu, Çağrı (Middle East Technical University, 2005)
Central Anatolia is well-known mostly for its natural landscape, and especially Cappadocia’s volcanic chimney-like structures that create a dreamlike atmosphere by blending nature with history in a dramatic fashion. These structures housed many people for millenniums, and are still in use today. Less is known however, about another type of landscape just neighboting the Cappadocia region. Hundreds of large tower-like stone structures are scattered around the landscape just outside the town of Gesi, in Kayse...
Control of flow structure on 45 degree swept delta wing using passive bleeding
Karagöz, Burcu; Yavuz, Mehmet Metin; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2017)
In recent decades, researchers aim to understand and control the physical phenomenon behind the complex flow structure of low swept delta wings arising with their widespread use in Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV), Unmanned Combat Air Vehicles (UCAV) and Micro Air Vehicles (MAV). In order to extend the working capabilities of these vehicles with having stable flight performance, detailed studies on understanding and controlling the flow structures over low swept delta wings are required. The aim of the present s...
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