Avşar, Ahmet Levent
Şahin, Melin
In recent days, clean energy alternatives are searched and application of these alternatives are studied. One alternative method is used to smart material, such as piezoelectric material, to harvest energy. Energy can be harvested from vibrating structures by piezoelectric material due to its nature. By suitable design, piezoelectric material can generate electricity under vibratory loading. This electricity can also be used to operate part of the system. Especially, energy can be used to charge the batteries; therefore, battery free application can be possible by piezoelectric energy harvesting. This type of energy harvesting can be used in air vehicles to operate either one small system or a sensor used in structural health monitoring system. In this study, a piezoelectric vortex energy harvester is designed in order to obtain energy from flow induced vibration. For this reason, a piezoelectric bimorph harvester, which is a commercial off the shelf product, is used. In order to generate vorticities to give excitation around the first resonance frequency of piezoelectric bimorph harvester, a cylinder is selected as a bluff body. During the design stage of the harvester, the effect of the size and the position of the bluff body are also investigated via wind tunnel tests.


Design, analysis and experimental verification of a piezoelectric vortex energy harvester
Avşar, Ahmet Levent; Şahin, Melin; Department of Aerospace Engineering (2016)
In recent days, alternative energy resources are discussed as an important topic for different applications, therefore an extensive study is conducted for the sustainable and renewable energy resources. The importance of the sustainable and renewable energy resources is also increased due to the fossil fuels usage and environmental pollution. For this reason, techniques for obtaining alternative energy resources, such as from sun and wind, are developed rapidly. Moreover, the energy loss during the operatio...
Investigation of natural gas hydrate potential of the South Caspian Sea
Mustafayeva, Zhala; Parlaktuna, Mahmut; Department of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering (2018)
Considering the improved technology, increase in demand on energy and limited conventional hydrocarbon resources make researchers look for new clean energy alternatives. Existence of large amount of gas hydrates in continental margins and permafrost regions shows that methane in gas hydrates may be the next clean energy supply of the world. The energy potential of gas hydrates has been encouraged researhers from all around the world to understand conditions for occurrence of gas hydrate and estimate the amo...
Evaluation of molasses and vinasse performance for lipid production from green microalgae
Engin, Işkın; Öktem, Hüseyin Avni; Çekmecelioğlu, Deniz; Department of Biotechnology (2017)
Microalgae are considered a valuable source of energy that could be an alternative to fossil fuels. Due to their high photosynthetic efficiency and high biomass production, microalgae have drawn attention for biodiesel production. However, cost of carbon source is a major challenge in biodiesel production from microalgae. For this reason, alternative carbon sources are being considered. In this study, heterotrophic growth conditions for improvement of biomass production from thermo-resistant Micractinium sp...
Modeling and design of reactor for hydrogen production using non-stoichiometric oxides
Yılmaz, Arda; Kıncal, Serkan; Department of Chemical Engineering (2017)
Nowadays countries investigate to improve alternative energy technologies such as solar power, biomass, wind energy, hydrogen etc. Hydrogen gas is very useful energy carrier and fuel cells produce electricity through hydrogen gas. Hydrogen production technologies are also investigated by many researches due to its high cost production. Thermochemical production way is one of the hydrogen production methods. Solar energy is also clean, renewable and alternative energy source. It is used for heating reaction ...
Exploration of carbon additives to the synthesis of Cu2Mo6S8 structures and their electrocatalytic activity in oxygen reduction reaction
Sürücü, Gökhan (2021-12-01)
Catalytic processes are contemplated as break point in generating alternative and sus-tainable energy platforms. The cathodic oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) is an importantcatalytic system, mainly finding practice in fuel cell and metal-air battery technologies.This work presents the synthesis, structural characterization and electrocatalytic proper-ties of three different Cu2Mo6S8structures as alternative ORR electrocatalysts. The effect ofdifferent carbon additives during synthesis was studied and no pos...
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