Beneath the Promise of Equalized Internationalization: The Institutionalization ofInternationalization from the Faculty Perspective

Akar, Hanife
Yılmaz, Elanur


Across the Traces of Memory: Larry Jordan’s Animated Documents
Pinar, Ekin (2017-06-22)
Beyond the twin cores: the motif of doppelganger in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series
Arslan, Murat; Alpakın Martınez Caro, Dürrin; Department of English Literature (2015)
The aim of this thesis is to analyze the doppelganger motif Harry Potter series which is written by J.K. Rowling and belongs to both fantasy literature and children’s literature. It begins with an overview of the uncanny, the fantastic and the interpretations of the double / doppelganger. The doppelganger motif originates from the duality of ancient times but the earlier form of the double is mostly a good visual twin. Later, especially in Gothic fiction, it appears as an evil twin who haunts and pursues th...
Behind the Turkish-Israeli alliance: A Turkish view
Bolukbasi, S (University of California Press, 1999-09-01)
Arguing that Turkey's policy in the Middle East since the 1940s has been driven by its perception of geopolitical necessities, this article examines the shifts in that policy through the prism of hey issues of national concern. the perception of the Soviet threat, the Cyprus issue, the water dispute with Iraq and Syria, and regionalization of the Kurdish problem. Turkey's leaders tilted toward the Arabs in the 1970s when they needed Arab diplomatic and economic support. During the 1990s, reduced trade with ...
Landscaping Discourses of Diversity and Citizenship Education Through a Multilayered Critical Qualitative Study
KARAKUŞ ÖZDEMİRCİ, Özge; Akar, Hanife; Department of Curriculum and Instruction (2022-2-17)
This study aims to landscape discourses on diversity and citizenship in the context of 4th grade curriculum. To address this purpose, a multilayered critical qualitative study design was utilized with embedded units. Qualitative data were obtained from official curriculum documents and the site visits of purposefully selected 55 primary schools in Adana sub-region. By deepening the analysis along with each layer, a multilayered and multidimensional analysis that consisted of the analysis of 4th grade curric...
Behind the closed doors of public preschool classrooms: practices and problems
Çobanoğlu, Rahime; Çapa Aydın, Yeşim; Yıldırım, Ali (null; 2019-08-20)
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