Is the Carrying Capacity Exceeded PreserviceTeachers Beliefs on Human Population Growth



Is there job after college Higher education s impact on transition from school to work
Bayırbağ, Mustafa Kemal (2013-12-01)
Is the Turkish equity market integrated with European North American and emerging markets
Özberki, İzzet; Gazioğlu, Şaziye; Department of Economics (2010)
Modern portfolio theory stipulates that an investor can reduce systemic risk simply by diversifying its assets across national boundaries. Therefore, the issue of whether stock markets are cointegrated carries important implications for portfolio diversification. This study aims to identify and model a relationship between four equity markets namely, Turkish, European, North American and emerging markets using cointegration technique. We investigated the existence of cointegrating equation between four stoc...
Is it possible to construct a feminist judgmental process: the women’s court of Sarajevo
Kuranel, Pınar; Bahçecik, Şerif Onur; Department of Gender and Women's Studies (2019)
In this study, research is going to be conducted on the possibility of constructing a feminist judgmental process by examining a real-life example: The Women's Court of Sarajevo. Liberal law systems and judgmental processes are driven by the notions of objectivity, rationalism, and neutrality; however, it is possible to understand that these notions are understood by the patriarchal perspective. To have a more fair and just judgmental process, the feminist legal theory suggests 3 methods. Together with expl...
Is a goal-driven view on entrepreneurship sustainable in the era of digital transformation? Reflections from the video game industry
Durukan, Cansu; Wasti Pamuksuz, Syeda Nazlı (2020-08-20)
ALPAR, MA; OGELMAN, H; SHAHAM, J (1993-06-01)
The recent discovery that Geminga is a pulsar has been followed by indications of an anomalous second derivative nu double overdot = 2.8(1.6) x 10(-25) Hz s-1 in the COS-B data, yielding a braking index n congruent-to 31 +/- 18. We propose that Geminga is a glitching pulsar with dynamical parameters similar to those of the Vela pulsar, whose interglitch behaviour is characterized by a large second derivative. With the vortex unpinning model for glitches, if we adopt the hypothesis that the number of vortice...
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