Contemporary ethical and educational challenges conflicts and complexities for planners

Tuna, Tasan Kok
Babalık, Ela
Mark, Oranje
Elsona, Van Huyssteen


Contemporary Issues in Mega Construction Projects
Erol, Hacı Hüseyin; Dikmen Toker, İrem; Atasoy, Güzide; Birgönül, Mustafa Talat (2018-11-18)
Mega construction projects have been receiving increased attention of construction management researchers in recent years. Management of mega construction projects has special challenges when compared with other types of projects not only because of their large size, long duration, and high societal and environmental impacts, but also due to their vulnerabilities stemming from high number of stakeholders involved, contractual and technical complexity, and exposure to changes in macro environmental condition...
Contemporary image of European identity and Turkish experience of westernization
Ertuğrul, Kürşad; Kaya, Ahmet Raşit; Department of Political Science and Public Administration (2000)
Contemporary Image of European Identity and Turkish Experience of Westernisation
Ertuğrul, Kürşad (2001-01-01)
Common Practices and Problems in Effort Data Collection in the Software Industry
Özkaya Eren, Ayşegül; Demirors, Onur (2011-11)
Effort data is crucial for project management activities in software projects. This data is utilized in estimations that are required for project planning, in the formation of benchmarking data sets and as a main input for project monitoring and control activities. However, there are known problems regarding effort data collection in the industry. In this study we investigate the effort data collection practices in the industry and factors that lead to inaccurate effort data collection. A pilot study was co...
Bacınoğlu, Baran Tan; Uysal, Elif; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2021-9-1)
This thesis considers data transmission scenarios where timeliness of information transmission, or adapting to intermittently available resources is important. The first part of the thesis focuses on energy harvesting communication systems. For such systems, energy efficient scheduling algorithms that achieve certain throughput maximization and data freshness objectives are developed. The second part of the thesis considers data transmission for the purpose of tracking unstable sources through noisy channels. ...
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T. K. Tuna, E. Babalık, O. Mark, and V. H. Elsona, “Contemporary ethical and educational challenges conflicts and complexities for planners,” 2015, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: file:///C:/Users/elacp/Downloads/Track%203_session%203%20(1).pdf.