Extending the Limits of Centrifugal Gravity Concentration Novel Applications for New and Existing Processing Circuits



Expanding the scope of nonparaxial scalar diffraction theory
Günöven, Mete; Turan, Raşit; Department of Micro and Nanotechnology (2020)
The modelling of light scattering from rough textured surfaces is important to assess the light trapping performances of thin film solar cells. In this regard, Harvey-Shack scalar scattering theory is a method of choice established in the solar cell community. It can be used to calculate the angular intensity distribution both in reflection and in transmission, by using the Fourier transform of the optical phase light accumulates while traversing the rough surface texture to evaluate a far-field approximati...
Expanding the Chemical Space of Carbon-Rich Opto-Electronic Materials by Click-Type Reactions
Dengiz, Çağatay (2021-10-14)
Expanding the Chemical Space for Push–Pull Chromophores: Homo-conjugated and Spiro Systems
Dengiz, Çağatay; Kato, Shin-ichiro; Schweizer, W. Bernd; Diederich, Francois (2013-08-21)
Extending the reach of the models and modelling perspective: a course-sized research site
Brady, Corey; Lesh, Richard; Sevinç, Şerife (null, 2015-01-01)
For over 30 years, researchers have engaged in inquiry within the Models and Modelling Perspective (MMP), taking as a fundamental principle that learners’ ideas develop in coherent conceptual systems called models. Under appropriate conditions, such as in Model Eliciting Activities (MEAs), this research has shown how learners’ models can grow through rapid cycles of development toward solutions involving creative mathematics. These externalized models, and other thought-revealing artifacts, can become rich ...
Extending the Agile Development Process to Develop Acceptably Secure Software
BEN OTHMANE, Lotfi; Angın, Pelin; WEFFERS, Harold; BHARGAVA, Bharat (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2014-11-01)
The agile software development approach makes developing secure software challenging. Existing approaches for extending the agile development process, which enables incremental and iterative software development, fall short of providing a method for efficiently ensuring the security of the software increments produced at the end of each iteration. This article (a) proposes a method for security reassurance of software increments and demonstrates it through a simple case study, (b) integrates security engine...
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