The Champions and the Dark Horses of FDI What Country Characteristics Attract



Dewitt, Chris; Edelstein, Jose; Tekin, Bayram (2021-03-01)
The Vicissitudes of Folk Narratives in Republican Turkey: The "People," National Pedagogy, and Grotesque Laughter
Erdoğan, Necmi (2015-01-01)
The article examines the attempts to modernize folk narratives in Turkey, with a special emphasis on the ones characterized by grotesque imagery, including shadow theatre and Keloglan tales. During the 1930s, the early Republican regime launched a project aimed at employing folk narratives in the service of its Kemalist national pedagogy. This study argues that the transposition of humorous folk narratives was bound to fail because of the incongruity between the "cheerful folk word" and the "dismal official...
The mentalities of "decline" in the Spanish and Ottoman Empires
Ağır, Seven; Yıldırım, Onur; Department of Economics (2003)
This study is an attempt to challenge the conventional decline-irrationality literature in the Ottoman historiography. Conventional view presented a way of thinking that is unfavorable to the rational economic behavior as the explanatory factor for the so-called decline of Ottoman Empire. Using an explicitly comparative approach, main aim of the study is to account for the specific trajectory of the Ottoman transformation without recourse to the conventional view. Juxtaposing the Ottoman and Western experie...
The pros and cons of flocking in the long-range "migration" of mobile robot swarms
Gokce, Fatih; Şahin, Erol (2010-05-06)
In this paper, we study how flocking affects the accuracy and speed of individuals in long-range "migration". Specifically, we extend a behavior that can generate self-organized flocking in a swarm of robots to follow a homing direction sensed through the magnetic field of the Earth and evaluate how the final points reached by the flock are scattered in space and how the speed of the flock is affected. We propose that four factors influence the performance of migration, in the proposed behavior, namely: (1)...
The aesthetic evolutions
Erişen, Serdar (null; 2016-07-24)
The dialectical philosophy reasoning on the secular though it creates its own oppositions. Mannerist shifts, as novelties in art, are affected according to the external changes as well as the internal stimulations of the mankind for the future, which address to discuss the difference between avant—garde aesthetic movements and aesthetics as discipline. Depended on some periodization and categorization of different attitudes, the discussion is to clarify the relation between avant—garde aesthetic movements a...
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