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Post-delamination magmatism in south-central Anatolia
Gall, Helen; Furman, Tanya; Hanan, Barry; KÜRKCÜOĞLU, BİLTAN; Sayıt, Kaan; YÜRÜR, MEHMET TEKİN; Sjoblom, Megan Pickard; ŞEN, ERDAL; Şen, Pınar Alıcı (2021-10-01)
© 2021 Elsevier B.V.Quaternary mafic lavas in Central Anatolia provide geochemical insights into melt generation processes following regional delamination of the subducted Tethyan slabs. New geochemical data from the Pleis...
Discontinuous rock slope stability analysis by limit equilibrium approaches - a review
Azarafza, Mohammad; Akgün, Haluk; Ghazifard, Akbar; Asghari-Kaljahi, Ebrahim; Rahnamarad, Jafar; Derakhshani, Reza (2021-10-01)
Slope stability is one of the most important topics of engineering geology with a background of more than 300 years. So far, various stability assessment techniques have been developed which include a range of simple evalu...
Surface deformations of 24 January 2020 Sivrice (Elazığ)–Doğanyol (Malatya) earthquake (Mw = 6.8) along the Pütürge segment of the East Anatolian Fault Zone and its comparison with Turkey’s 100-year-surface ruptures
Tatar, Orhan; Sözbilir, Hasan; Koçbulut, Fikret; Bozkurt, Erdin; Aksoy, Ercan; Eski, Semih; Özmen, Bülent; Alan, Hüsetin; Metin, Yüksel (2021-10-01)
Application of an image processing-based algorithm for river-side granular sediment gradation distribution analysis
Azarafza, Mohammad; Nanehkaran, Yaser A.; Akgün, Haluk; Mao, Yimin (2021-09-01)
Determining grain-size and grading distribution of river-side sediments is very important for issues related to lateral embankment drift, river-side nourishment, management plans, and riverbank stability. In this regard, e...
Geological, mineralogical and geochemical characteristics of Mississippian K-bentonites from southern Turkey: A correlation with coeval tephras from Gondwana-derived terranes
Bozkaya, Ömer; Günal Türkmenoğlu, Asuman; Göncüoğlu, Mehmet Cemal; Okuyucu, Cengiz (2021-09-01)
© 2021 Elsevier LtdFive thin (5–15 cm) and yellowish green tephra (K-bentonite) layers are exposed along two sections in the south of Akşehir (Konya, southern Turkey) within the Early Carboniferous (Mississippian) red dolo...
Geochemistry and Zircon U-Pb Dates of Felsic-Intermediate Members of the Late Cretaceous Yuksekova Arc Basin: Constraints on the Evolution of the Bitlis-Zagros Branch of Neotethys (Elazig, E Turkey)
Ural, Melek; Sayıt, Kaan; KORALAY, OSMAN ERSİN; Göncüoğlu, Mehmet Cemal (2021-08-01)
During the Late Cretaceous in the Eastern Mediterranean, the northern branch of the southern Neotethys was closed by multiple northward subductions. Of these, the most northerly located subduction created the Baskil contin...
Neogene Kinematics of the Potwar Plateau and the Salt Range, NW Himalayan Front: A Paleostress Inversion and AMS study
Qayyum, Abdul; Poesse, Jorik Willem; Kaymakcı, Nuretdin; Langereis, Cornelis G.; Gülyüz, Erhan; Ahsan, Naveed (2021-06-01)
We provide new kinematic data from the Potwar Plateau (Pakistan) to evaluate the tectonic evolution of the region during the Neogene. The plateau is bound by two major strike-slip faults in the west and the east, accommoda...
Active Faults' Geometry in the Gulf of Aqaba, Southern Dead Sea Fault, Illuminated by Multibeam Bathymetric Data
Ribot, Matthieu; Klinger, Yann; Jónsson, Sigurjón; Avşar, Ulaş; Pons-Branchu, Edwige; Matrau, Rémi; Mallon, Francis L. (2021-04-01)
© 2021. American Geophysical Union. All Rights Reserved.Detailed knowledge of fault geometry is important for accurate seismic hazard assessment. The Gulf of Aqaba, which corresponds to the southern termination of the 1200...
Effect of disturbed zone thickness on rock slope stability
Ersöz, Timur; Ozkose, Merve; Topal, Tamer (2021-04-01)
Cut slope surfaces are affected by excavation activities and weathering agents. Disturbances on the surface can penetrate down to a certain depth. Slope stability analyses made on the cut slopes can reveal unsatisfactory r...
‘Filament’ marker beds in the Karababa-A Member (Turonian) of the Arabian platform, SE Turkey: Palaeo-environmental significance, stratigraphy and correlation potential
Mülayim, O.; Yılmaz, İsmail Ömer; SARI, BİLAL; Ferré, B. (2021-04-01)
© 2020 The Geologists' AssociationA ‘filament’ event bed/level corresponds to the occurrence of thin elongate calcitic, shells, or plates of pelagic, bivalve or crinoidal, origin, within pelagic, laminated and organic-matt...
A new durability assessment method of the tuffs used in some historical buildings of Cappadocia (Turkey)
Deniz, B. Ertas; Topal, Tamer (2021-04-01)
Cappadocia region in Turkey is known as a touristic and historical area with volcanic rocks formed by the effect of intense Neogene calcalkaline volcanism. Rhyolitic to trachyandesitic tuffs, being widespread as a volcanic...
First recovery of late Early Triassic (Spathian) pelagic assemblages (radiolarians and conodonts) from block in the Upper Karakaya Complex near Ankara City, central Turkey: Biostratigraphical remarks and correlation
TEKİN, UĞUR KAĞAN; Kamata, Yoshihito; Krystyn, Leopold; Okuyucu, Cengiz; Sayıt, Kaan; Nalbantli, Mustafa (2021-03-01)
The Upper Karakaya Complex, belonging to the Karakaya Complex, includes different blocks and tectonic slices within a Triassic sheared matrix. This wide-spread unit mainly exposed in northern Turkey also crops out to the s...
Greece and Turkey Shaken by African tectonic retreat
Meng, Jiannan; Sinoplu, Ozan; Zhou, Zhipeng; Tokay, Bülent; Kusky, Timothy; Bozkurt, Erdin; Wang, Lu (2021-03-01)
Earthquakes are a consequence of the motions of the planet's tectonic plates, yet predicting when and where they may occur, and how to prepare remain some of the shortcomings of using scientific knowledge to protect human ...
Assessment of the effectiveness of a rockfall ditch through 3-D probabilistic rockfall simulations and automated image processing
Rockfall ditches or catchment areas aim to collect falling blocks at the toe of a source zone by dissipating the energy of blocks in an excavated trench. The effectiveness of a rockfall ditch is simply expressed by its blo...
First record of late Campanian paieoceanographic and paieociimatic changes, Arabian platform, Mazidag-Mardin area, SE Turkey
Yılmaz, İsmail Ömer; Hosgor, Izzet; Altıner, Sevinç; Wagreich, Michael; Kvacek, Jiri (2021-03-01)
The sedimentology, geochemistry and paleontology of the pelagic upper Campanian Maastrichtian Bozova Formation in the "Mazidag" (Mazidagi) - Mardin area, SE Turkey, reveal paleoceanographic and paleoecological changes for ...
Assessment of performance of horizontal drains in an open pit mine in eastern Turkey
Argunhan Atalay, Çidem; Yazıcıgil, Hasan; EKMEKÇİ, MEHMET (2021-02-01)
© 2021, The Author(s), under exclusive licence to Springer-Verlag GmbH, DE part of Springer Nature.Prediction of spatial distribution of pore-water pressure and its control are the main issues in open pit mines, since exce...
Implications of giant ooids for the carbonate chemistry of Early Triassic seawater
Li, Xiaowei; Trower, Elizabeth J.; Lehrmann, Daniel J.; Minzoni, Marcello; Kelley, Brian M.; Schaal, Ellen K.; Altıner, Demir; Yu, Meiyi; Payne, Jonathan L. (2021-02-01)
Lower Triassic limestones contain giant ooids (>2 mm) along with other precipitated carbonate textures more typical of Precambrian strata. These features appear to have resulted from changes in seawater chemistry associate...
Age and mantle sources of Quaternary basalts associated with "leaky" transform faults of the migrating Anatolia-Arabia-Africa triple junction
Cosca, Michael A.; Reid, Mary; Delphi, Jonathan R.; KUŞCU, GONCA; Blichert-Toft, Janne; Premo, Wayne; Whitney, Donna L.; Teyssier, Christian; Rojay, Fuat Bora (2021-02-01)
The Anatolia (Eurasia), Arabia, and Africa tectonic plates intersect in southeast Turkey, near the Gulf of Iskenderun, forming a tectonically active and unstable triple junction (the A(3) triple junction). The plate bounda...
Assessment of damage zone thickness and wall convergence for tunnels excavated in strain-softening rock masses
Satici, Ozguer; Topal, Tamer (2021-02-01)
There are two fundamental issues in all underground excavations, which are safety and economy. To ensure safety and expedite excavations, level of tunnel wall convergences and damage zone thickness should be predicted befo...
Fault-based probabilistic seismic hazard assessment of the eastern Makran subduction and the Chaman transform fault, Pakistan: Emphasis on the source characterization of megathrust
Shah, Syed Tanvir; Özacar, Atilla Arda; Gülerce, Zeynep (Elsevier BV, 2021-01-01)
Seismic source characterization (SSC) for probabilistic seismic hazard assessment (PSHA) in regions characterized by subduction megathrust involves a considerable ambiguity. Lack of detailed geologic, seismic, and geodetic...
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