Towards Tomorrow s Smart Mine Embedded Telemetry and Sensor Based Sorting

Klein, B
Bamber, A
Altun, Naci Emre
Scoble, M


Towards AoI-aware Smart IoT Systems
Beytur, Hasan Burhan; Baghaee, Sajjad; Uysal, Elif (2020-02-01)
Age of Information (AoI) has gained importance as a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for characterizing the freshness of information in information-update systems and time-critical applications. Recent theoretical research on the topic has generated significant understanding of how various algorithms perform in terms of this metric on various system models and networking scenarios. In this paper, we study AoI behavior on experimental implementations of packet flows among IoT nodes and over the Internet. AoI ...
Towards A Sustaınable Open And Dıstance Learnıng Envıronment
Gündoğan, Mihraç Banu (2010-10-08)
Open and distance learning applications have evolved as a solution to circumstances where students rarely, or never, were able to have face-to-face or on-site access to educational facilities. Today, with the undeniable contribution of developing communication technologies, open and distance learning has become a unique system. A ‘system’ is a group of independent but interrelated elements comprising a unified whole to accomplish a predefined goal and the sustainability of this whole must not be neglected. ...
Towards practical applications for molecular logic gates: “and” logic as an additional layer of selectivity in singlet oxygen release for photodynamic therapy
Özlem, Suriye; Akkaya, Engin Umut; Department of Chemistry (2008)
There have been many examples of individual molecular logic gates and molecular equivalents of more complex digital designs in recent years such as half adder, half subtractor, multiplexer. Neverethless, the unresolved issues of addressability and lack of communication between logic gates remain to be the Achille’s heel for molecular logic gates. A few years ago we have demonstrated that appropriately decorated bodipy dyes can be very efficient generators for singlet oxygen, thus act as a satisfactory photo...
Towards compound stereo-video quality metric: a specific encoder-based framework
Boev, Atanas; Gotchev, Atanas; Egiazarian, Karen; Aksay, Anil; Akar, Gözde (2006-03-28)
We suggest a compound full-reference stereo-video quality metric composed of two components: a monoscopic quality component and stereoscopic quality, component. While the former assesses the trivial monoscopic perceived distortions caused by blur, noise, contrast change etc., the latter assesses the perceived degradation of binocular depth cues only. We use the structural similarity index as a measure for perceptual similarity and design a multiscale algorithm for obtaining a perceptual disparity map and a ...
Towards Uncertainty-Aware Disentangled Representations
Özyeğin, Sezai Artun; Kalkan, Sinan; Department of Computer Engineering (2021-9-09)
In many computer vision tasks, not every part of an object of interest is always visible because of challenges like occlusion, viewpoint and pose variation. One approach to these kinds of challenges is separating the representation so that they would correspond to different regions. In this thesis, we tackle the problem of obtaining disentangled representations while estimating the uncertainty of each factor to assess its availability. Representations are disentangled using a factor-related supervised task ...
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