Simulation and Flight Control Integration Using the Open Control Platform for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles



Simulation and control strategy adaptation of a parabolic trough collector integrated thermal system for industrial processes
Pınarlı, Deniz; Bayer, Özgür; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2022-1-11)
In this study, integration of solar heat to a milk pasteurization process is addressed. A single tank system with thermal energy storage (TES) is simulated dynamically by connecting the models of individual components to each other, using a simulation tool coded in Visual Basic. The parabolic trough collector (PTC) model is developed such that the time evolution of temperature distribution along a series of collectors can be observed. Lumped approach is employed in the TES unit model in which the heat...
Simulation and optimization in quenching technology for automotive components
Felde, I.; Şimşir, Caner (2013-01-01)
Heat treatment is widely used in automotive industry from a simple immersion quenching of gears upto the complex production technology of press hardening. The selection of process parameters to develop the desired properties is challenging due to the complexity of the physical phenomena occuring during the manufacturing clycle. In the last decades several compuational methods have been applied successful to optimize the heat treatment processes. The paper is focusing on some examples demonstrating the state...
Simulation and Flight Control of a Tilt Duct UAV
Tekinalp, Ozan; Yavrucuk, İlkay (2009-08-12)
Simulation analysis in a steel construction company
Türkdönmez, Gül Elçim; Meral, Sedef; Kandiller, Levent; Department of Industrial Engineering (1998)
Şahiner, Şahin Furkan; Gölbaşı, Onur; Department of Mining Engineering (2022-2)
A mining company is expected to have three essential assets which are human resources, ore reserve to be exploited, and an equipment fleet. On this basis, trucks, excavators, drilling machines, crushers, mills, classifiers, and concentrators are commonly covered in mining equipment fleets. On the other hand, human resource employed in operational activities is vital for labor-intensive production industries like mining. Here, the number and qualifications of people employed in a mining site should be decide...
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